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    Default Need help with layering 2

    The newest thread about layering is very interesting,but most people talk about how they mix perfumes to
    I wonder, is it also possible to IMPROVE those scents which for some reason don't satisfy?

    For example, I got L'Amour by Farfalle, a swiss natural perfume manufacturer

    Moroccan and Bulgarian Rose, Iris, Cedar and Balsamic notes, and I think it is the balsamic stuff that bothers me so much.
    Otherwise it is quite original and long lasting.
    Need specialist's professional advice as how to play down the balsamico!
    Any othe problem notes to cure are welcome!!! ;D ;D ;D
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    Default Re: Need help with layering 2

    I guess this is tremedously difficult, perhaps even impossible! I guess it´s much easier to mix fragances that works well together, so all the notes are free to breathe.
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    Default Re: Need help with layering 2

    I don't know that layering would work to hide a bum note. The bum notes always scream to me.

    To the extent I layer, which is not much, it's usually to make something simple and linear more interesting. My most successful combination was CSP Kumquat and William Owen's Gardenia, but in the end I couldn't be bothered and swapped both away.

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    Default Re: Need help with layering 2

    I agree with Magareta and Grau. This layering topic comes up frequently and I've pretty much stopped responding because I simply sound like a broken record, always saying the same thing: I don't layer unless it's matching products sold with the fragrance. I do enjoy reading the success stories of others, however. I've had to overspray to "kill" a fragrance or try to cover it up. Most of the time it works but sometimes it doesn't. Spellbound is a fragrance that I love to smell but one I simply can't wear successfully. One day I craved Spellbound so I applied lavishly. About 30 minutes into it, I realized that I had to do something and I didn't have time for a shower, so I oversprayed with Estee. Spellbound fought back, however, overpowering poor Estee. Recently I had applied La Nuit but about an hour later I decided I wanted to wear White Linen EdT, so I oversprayed. Then I began to get whiffs of Aromatics Elixir, which is another fragrance that I love to smell but don't enjoy wearing. So there I was, wearing my own accidental blend of Aromatics Elixir.

    A fragrance either works for me or it doesn't. I just don't spend time trying to reformulate it or improve it and if I'm not satisfied with it... I don't wear it.

    I've seen people mention layering scented lotions with fragrances, so you might try that approach if you're really wanting to wear L'Amour. Perhaps someone will know of a lotion that would help smooth out "the balsamic stuff" that you think is causing you the problem. Good luck!

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