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    Default new film -- PERFUME

    Tom Tykwer who directed Run, Lola, Run is back with another thriller set for release this fall. It's entitled Perfume and based on the creepy Patrick Suskind novel. *The film stars Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman.

    There's a film clip on a German site: *datenhoster

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    Default Re: new film -- PERFUME

    Link doesn't work, is the film actually about perfume? is this it?

    I hate scary movies I don't know if I will watch it

    But while we're on the topic there was an episode of Sex and the City on the tellie the other day, the ladies were shopping were perfume. They decided Charlottes needed something classic and elegant, with a hint of neurosis. Or something like that. Honestly even though it was a joke I have to admit that sounds like a nice idea for a perfume! Nice, simple perfume, with something just a little off. Hmmm off the top of my head I can't think of any that fit this description.

    edited: yes, english really is my native language but my sleepin ghasn't really existed lately. will leave the spelling/syntax/etc errors for laughs but i promise my english *can* actually be good, sometimes . . .

    edited again today: I just remembered every time I watch sex and the city I can't help but think that Charlotte should definitely wear Annick Goutal's Eau de Charlotte! Although I never smelled it myself it is just too perfect , if a fragrance existed with my first name, well unless it was really repulsive I would be compelled to wear it often.

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    Default Re: new film -- PERFUME

    Hmm... good thinking!

    Just checked the Directory - nope. No Veronica, Eau d' Veronica nor Baby Phat Goddess Veronica.

    Tried typing veronica in the 'fragrance notes' search thing, too - still nothing. Rats.

    P.S. Quarry dislikes her 'namesake'.

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    Default Re: new film -- PERFUME

    I suppose we all passionate Basenoters are more than eager to see this film. At least I am!

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    Default Re: new film -- PERFUME

    I've red a book and recomand it to everybody, and yes, it's creepy...

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