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    I've been big on colognes for a while now, and I'm always trying to please based on the type of people I'm going to be interacting with that day. I have a growing collection based on my own nose, but I never have my purchases backed by confidence because I never get a compliment outside maybe the person I go with to make decisions on purchasing new frags. I am hoping that some of you would be so sweet as to take a look at my wardrobe, and tell me what you think I should keep wearing/don't wear from a woman's perspective. I'm going to college out-of-state, & would like to know what I should take back with me since I can't risk taking everything. I have made a similar post in the Male Fragrance board, so it could be interesting to see what the men think women like. Right now I have Blue Label and True Star with me for casual occasions, Magnetism for night, and D&G/Code for night. Any recommendations/critique would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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    Wow. I'm really not a fan of any of the ones you have. Well, maybe Dunhill. But they're all pretty similar, so they must suit your personality.

    I can't tell by just looking at a collection. They all smell different on everyone.
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    Well, I really like bergamot on men, so I'd vote for D&G, Blue Label and Armani Black Code. CK One Scene is also noce, I'd even get one for myself But as You say that You rarely get feedback from people around you, maybe You could try something warmer, like Allure Pour Homme...
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    The only one I really know is D&G pour Homme, and it's very nice. I agree that light aquatics are pleasant and inoffensive, great for a young man in school. Pleasant is always good, but rarely comment worthy. By wearing a comment worthy frag, you also risk a negative comment, such as,

    "Dear God, What have you got on?? EEEWWWWWWWWWW :-X!!!!!!"

    If you want a fragrance to stand out and get a girl's attention on a date to the point she say's 'HMMM, you smell good :-*' , I think you may need to get something new!

    May I suggest, Boucheron Jaipur?

    Now, I know this is not the advice you seek. But it's the best I can do.
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    I recommend Your two Giorgio Armanis! And, if You like them both Yourself, also try Armani Mania for him later on.
    Faves right now: Chanel No 19, Stella Rose Absolute, L´Heure Bleu, Elixir de Merveilles, Samsara.

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    I love Magnetism... but may I suggest Pi? There isn't a woman I know that does not like it or does not compliment it.... Also I love Just Cavalli, Desire, Dunhill and Rochas man as well....

    Hope this helps
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    I don't know too well all of the colognes you have in your wardrobes, but from the ones I know, I like:
    Dolce & Gabanna (that one is delicious!). It's sexy and can go well for evenings out, but also if you really want to catch attention during the day. You may distract some of hte girls from studying though
    Givenchy pour Homme (that one is really classy). I think it can be worn any time.
    I think I also liked L'Occitane's Eau de Cologne (that can be a day to day cologne)
    Joop! is great when used light handedly. It can be a great evening scent. But too much will choke the people around you. It's as potent as Angel.
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    You can't go wrong with anything by Issey Miyake.

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    A classic - Dior's Eau Sauvage. And I second Givenchy Pi.

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    This is the second posting I've seen today that the poster put on both the male and female boards. *It's nice to see the gender comaraderie *

    John -- nice, light pleasant frags. *Armani code is good. Givenchy Pi is very popular. Creed Himalaya and Yves Saint Laurent M7 seem very popular for men on this forum.

    You might be ready for some more adventurous fragrances or ones with a more definite presence. I like the Boucheron Jaipur Homme sugestion. There is a Jaipur Homme Fresh that is a little lighter, younger, hipper. *

    I will always be a sucker for Geurlain Vetiver.

    I also spotted a mention today on the men's posting of Kiehl's Musk oil which I also read about not too long ago in an interview of Christopher Brosius, founder of Demeter, now founder of CB *I Hate Perfume, formerly of Kiehl's *It made me remember this fragrance which, along with Lorenzo Villoresi Musk, is about the best one out there, very interesting fragrance. Not as expensive as LV or Musc Ravageur. Funny how you go for years without word of something and then suddenly you run into it several times. *:

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    I like Marc Jacobs for men(that's my favorite), I've also enjoyed smelling Merchant Loup.

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