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    Default Assistance needed

    Hi, I am wondering if I can get some in-depth descriptions and opinions of Agent Provocateur, Nana de Berry Pink Perfume, I Profumi Di Firenze Vaniglia Del Madagascar, Institut Tres Bien Cologne A La Russe, Chantecaille
    Frangipane Eau De Parfum, Institut Tres Bien Cologne A La Francaise, Bois d'Iris Bois D'iris, Serge Lutens
    Datura Noir, Serge Lutens Fleurs De Citronnier, ANY Bond No. 9 women's fragrances and ANY Creed women's fragrances.

    Quite a request, I know, but I am very curious about all of these. Thanks y'all!

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    Default Re: Assistance needed

    Wow, you are certainly being thorough!
    I suggest you check out some perfume blogs - start with
    There are lots of links from there.

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    Default Re: Assistance needed

    The Bond #9 feminine line has underwhelmed me. I've gotten decants of Chelsea Flowers, Park Avenue, Fashion Avenue, Broadway Nite, and Eau de Noho. I've tried sample vial of Bleeker Street, Madison Soiree, West Braodway, Chinatown. Chinatown is most interesting as I get a creamy cocount note that is just delicious. It seems each struck me as 'too' something or other. Too sweet, too indolic, too busy, too masculine, or just not well melded.

    I've a decant of SL Datura Noir, and I like it. It's sweet but light, rich and fresh. The Serge Lutens line is my handsdown favorite house. You just can't go wrong...I hope! I have a bottle of Un Lys sitting on the kitchen counter that arrived just today on a blind buy. Scary!!

    Creed's Fleur de the Rose Bugare is my favorite rose-recently got a full bottle. Spring Flowers is too fruity sweet for me, an 80's scent, which the men on basenotes quite like, however. Love in White, I wrote a reveiw you can read, it's my favorite one. I have sample vials of most of them, and haven't been so tempted by a quick dot on the wrist to devote a full day to testing. My knee-jerk is they're such boquet florals that they don't have enough individual 'grab' for me.

    If you want to take these one at a time, I'd have to retry them. Your question is very broad! You may be hanging around basenotes for some time! ;D ;D ;D



    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: Assistance needed

    I'm a new member too, but I discovered the directory! At the top of the screen, right under the basenotes logo, is a green navigation bar. Click on directory to get a search form. You can search by many means, fill in one field or more than one.

    You need to have an accurate spelling of the name of the fragrance if you are doing it by name. So its Nanadebarry.

    Some fragrances have one review, some have several, some none. *Reviews are subjective and highly personal. A mixed review does not mean a perfume isn't wonderful. Not all people like or smell good in all things, right? Sometimes you have to scroll down quite a way to find the review.

    If you don't find reviews for a particular fragrance or are still unsatisfied, you can also use the search function on the community pages and search the postings for opinions and mentions. It's a box in the upper right of the web page under the green navigation bar.

    Appropriateness comes into play, too. For instance, in my opinion a fragrance might be wonderful for a formal winter evening affair (say a sultry, heady, intense, spicy oriental fragrance) but would not be nice for playing tennis on a hot, humid summer day or for office wear (or on the other hand, might be perfect if you are meeting with a particularly obnoxious opposing counsel *! So when you ask for an opinion about a fragrance, it would probably help to mention what you have in mind for it or what you are looking for. Office & courtroom, date night, beach party, wedding?

    Vis a vis Bond no. 9, *Chinatown and Chelsea Flowers sell out regularly near me. I think Chinatown was a leading niche seller in the US last year.

    Bois d'Iris by the Different Company is one of my staples for daywear.

    I prefer Serge Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger to the Cittronier.

    I Profumi Di Firenze Vaniglia Del Madagascar is quite a nice vanilla.

    As for Creeds, Shycat's got it right. Around here people write most often about
    Fleurs de Thé Rose Bulgare as a favortie rose scent, Spring Flower, and Love in White for women. I'm with Shycat, I quite like Love in White, think the FdTRB is a lovely, lovely rose and am left wanting in regards to Spring Flower (but lots of people, and yes lots of the guys around here, love it)

    That a good start, Newbie to Newbie? Hope so, good luck, have fun!

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    Default Re: Assistance needed

    Thanks for the great info--I know my question is super broad, so your help is really appreciated!

    I am so glad to find out that there are people out there who are obsessed with perfume as much as I am. Every person that comes to my house marvels over my ridiculous amount of perfumes (and cosmetics...and skincare...and lotions, etc.). I guess I am not insane after all!

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    Default Re: Assistance needed

    Uhmm, lawgirl...yes you are insane. You're just not alone! ;D ;D ;D
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: Assistance needed

    Thanks newbie! You actually posted that as I was writing my last post, so I didn't get to properly thank you. Great info!

    Actually, I just learned that it's Nanadebary! So we were both off a bit on the spelling. No wonder I couldn't find any info on the web, slaughtering the spelling like that. Funny, I actually learned about the perfume on one of my favorite web sites, a well-known New York spa that sells the perfume. Weird, that they would be so off on the spelling.

    Keep the fantastic comments coming! Thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: Assistance needed

    Ooops! *typing too fast and should have proof read. Sorry. That was a good idea to check Now Smell This for links and reviews. They have a site search on the right about mid-way down and you needn't register to search. And lots of links to other perfume sites on the left about 1/3rd the way from the top.

    There are a couple of web merchants which have helpful descriptions:

    check out, click on fragrances, select the fragrance house from the list on the left, then select the individual fragrance.

    check out

    also check out

    another one with good descriptions is:

    more good luck!

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