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    Default New: Lalique invests heavily in new fragrance

    French fragrance brand Lalique is making a major investment in its new women’s scent, Lalique Le Parfum. According to Lalique president Olivier Mauny, the company will spend some 40% of its advertising budget in the launch, marking the first time the company has made such a significant investment in this activity. Indeed, ambitions for the new fragrance are high, with the hope that it will make up 20% of the company’s fragrance sales by the end of 2005, Mauny reveals.

    The advertising visual, by French agency Mafia, is linked to a global communication plan involving the brand’s crystal and jewelry businesses. “The fragrance is a good vehicle for communicating the brand,” Mauny comments. “The strategy is to create a synergy between the fragrance, crystal and jewelry,” he elaborates. Lalique Le Parfum will be advertised in single- and double-page spreads in print media from September through to December, with a focus on the November and December period.

    The scent, developed by Dominique Ropion of IFF, is also the first oriental in the Lalique portfolio with a fresh top, including notes of bay leaf, pink peppercorn and bergamot, over a floral heart of jasmine and heliotrope and a woody base comprising vanilla, patchouli, tonka bean and sandalwood. It comes in a thick, glass, square bottle, topped with a black square cap embedded with a replication of a Lalique sculpture, Masque de Femme (relief of a woman’s face) first created in 1935. A chord with a pendant of the Masque de Femme is tied around the bottle’s neck and can also be worn as a necklace.

    The five-sku fragrance line comprises two EdPs, priced €68 (50ml) and €98 (100ml), a perfume extract (30ml: €490) and two ancillaries.

    Lalique Le Parfum will launch exclusively in French department store Galeries Lafayette in August and in UK department store Harrods in September. The global launch will commence in October through 6,000 doors worldwide.

    In other news, a Lalique boutique will open in Mumbai, India this July, Mauny reveals.

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    Default Re: New: Lalique invests heavily in new fragrance

    I think Dominique Ropion worked on every single fall release...

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    Default Re: New: Lalique invests heavily in new fragrance

    So, has anyone tried this?
    All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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    Default Re: New: Lalique invests heavily in new fragrance

    ..and they delivered! I really like this frag.
    I must have one review of this one coming up on the directory some time in the future, i mean i wrote it already but i know that it takes a while...

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