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Thread: LUSH soaps

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    Default LUSH soaps

    Does anyone enjoy these amasing LUSH Soaps as I do? Some of them are so great, it's a shame they've got only Ginger and Karma as a scent. My recent darlings are Figs&Leaves and OhLaLa! Please tell me, if you know of any scents, that are similar, esp. Figs&Leaves!!! I must mention, that I don't have :-[ access to Jo Malone. Thanks!
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    I haven't tried the Figs & Leaves soap, but I loved the Milky Bar soap. I don't see it on their website so maybe it's discontinued . I've tried Alkmaar, but didn't like it as much. The scent did remind me a little of Bellodgia edt.

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    Lush has a forum and the forum members were recently given the oppty to buy bottles of their favorite scents (Silky Underwear, Lush Potion, Lush Fever, Snow Cake, Honey I Washed the Kids, American Cream, Rock Star, etc.). Not many bottles were produced. A few have turned up on eBay and swap lists.
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    I love the "Honey I washed the Kids" and their new Violet soap.

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    Default Re: LUSH soaps

    Audrey, Audrey, Audrey, hurry and order Pre de Provence's Minted Figue soap. It's truly a gorgeous thing. (I may have to interrupt this message just to go take a shower with it because just thinking about it is exciting!) I follow a soaping of this with Thymes Fig Leaf & Cassis (a cologne I find superior to Jo Malone's Wild Fig & Cassis as well as radically less expensive).

    I get my Pre de Provence soaps through a friend who gets discounts, but here is a link to the product I'm talking about:

    My husband's favorite is the Earth Bar from
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