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    Default Vintage bottle of Youth Dew/Blue Bottle

    I picked up a vintage youth dew in the blue bottle the other day at a flea market. Its pretty cool how the juice comes out. Instead of a pump spritzer, its like an aerosol can of deoderant or hairspary. You press it down and the fragrance doesnt stop coming out until you let go of the sprayer. I've never seen that before in a bottle of fragrance. The fragrance is also a little different from the youth dew sold in department stores today. The new youth dew is definitely much sweeter whereas the original bottle i picked up isnt. It resembles coffee that has been sitting on a burner for several hours. I mean that in a good way though.

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    Default Re: Vintage bottle of Youth Dew/Blue Bottle

    I have a vintage bottle, too. I'll have to get it out and spray it as I don't remember it spraying like an aerosol. Very interesting!

    The fragrance is also a little different from the youth dew sold in department stores today.
    Yes, it is. Many of us noticed this quite some time ago, yet we had no proof. Cedric posted about the new Youth Dew Amber Nude and in the article Tom Ford briefly mentions that Youth Dew has been tweaked over the years -- he mentions the patchouli. The difference, to my nose, is not in the recipe but in the quality. I find the parfum, when you can get it, will give a better indication of yesterday's rich, intoxicating Youth Dew.

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    Default Re: Vintage bottle of Youth Dew/Blue Bottle

    I'm resurrecting this old thread because I got a few Youth Dew bottles on ebay. One is the vintage blue bottle, which has been resurrected recently, but as rosberg was saying, the vintage is an aerosol, which I hate because it sprays a lot. Wow, what a marvel, rich, resiny animalic, and potent. I sprayed on a piece of paper then put in my breastpocket. Through the day I had nose clearing wafts from the pocket. No need of menthol candies! It was the first Estee Lauder perfume, and it perfectly exemplifies the style of the house: big, bold, and a great bang for the buck.

    I love the modern version too, still powerful, but somewhat less intense. Also, a touch less animalic, drier and perhaps with some patch. But still below $40.

    I also got the vintage oil, didn't use it, but just smelling from the bottle I get the same potent waft. I also have and love the current oil, which I just used tonight for the shower at the gym. Another rich and beautiful ambery-resiny bloom, perhaps, I would guess, a touch less potent than vintage, but still great. And, again, below $40.


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