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    Default Reviews on Basenotes Question

    I've submitted quite a bunch, and they still haven't shown up - just wondering if this is something common or should I understand that all the reviews I've submitted to be horribly offensive and write nicer ones?
    Veni, Vidi, Visa.

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    Default Re: Reviews on Basenotes Question

    Here's a somewhat older thread that addresses this:

    Also, here's an excerpt from the "Support" section:

    Instant posting of reviews . Currently we have to manually check each fragrance review for inappropriate content submitted before we post it to the site. We would like to think that people who support Basenotes will only post suitable reviews, therefore as a Supporting Member your reviews will appear automatically. (Reviews will still be checked for inappropriate content)

    I'm sure your reviews are lovely, FroFro. We do keep our Leader quite busy these days, what with updating the database, updating rules and regs, keeping Basenotes fresh and interesting and informative, and heaven only knows what all else goes on behind the scenes!

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    Default Re: Reviews on Basenotes Question

    Thanks Ladylonestar!

    I'm due to put a batch of reviews up shortly, so expect them within a week or so.

    And, FroFro I've had a look at your reviews and they are lovely!

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    Default Re: Reviews on Basenotes Question

    Why, thank you!

    I didn't mean to rush anyone, just trying to get the hang of how things work here.

    Hey, SuperMember in one week - not bad. :
    Veni, Vidi, Visa.

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