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    Default Finally, the day has come!

    I have finally moved Bois des Iles and Cuir de Russie from my "to test" to my fragrance wardrobe. Yippie!

    I do, however, have a quesition for those ladies (and gents if they chance across this) who wear it:

    Any suggestions on body washes and body lotions that compliment them or at least don't clash with them? Both smell gloriously on yours truly, and I really don't want anything to alter that scent even one bit, but, alas, I'm addicted to my shower.
    Veni, Vidi, Visa.

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    Default Re: Finally, the day has come!

    Here are a couple of suggestions:
    • try to use a light *and quick fading fragrance shower gel
    • no. 5 shower gel will work pretty well due to the strong aldehydic common base
    • why not to use a fragrance free gentle washing base and adding in it some drops of scent?

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    Default Re: Finally, the day has come!

    We have such creative members, so I'm sure someone will know! I'm not one of the creative creatures so I'll defer to them. If I don't have matching products, then I use unscented -- soaps, lotions, deodorants. I avoid the products that claim to be unscented but that actually have a strong musk or citrus scent. I just don't want anything interfering with my perfume. Grr...

    I probably should divert some of the time I spend searching for NON-SCENTED products into finding matching products. Hmm... there's a thought. ;D

    Perfumania sells a Spa lotion that the SAs claim enhances and extends the longevity of fragrance -- though there's no such claim on the actual bottle. They recommend applying the lotion all over your body; then dispensing a very large amount of the Spa lotion in your hand, spraying your fragrance of choice into the lotion, and applying that to your body; then applying your fragrance over that. It may work; I don't know. The lotion, to my nose, has a very strong (but very pleasant) orange-lemon-herb scent, drying into a musky scent. I may try it one day, but so far I haven't wanted to experiment with it. I do the same thing, on occasion, using an unscented lotion.

    I'll stay tuned to this thread and see what everyone recommends. Oh... and CONGRATULATIONS! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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    Default Re: Finally, the day has come!

    I use plain sweet almond oil out of the shower. I got it as massage oil, but it makes your skin feel amazing. It has no scent of it's own, is not a greasy oil, rather it absorbs to a silky, pleasant feel. I've never noticed any change or reaction iin my fragrances, either.
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: Finally, the day has come!

    Thanks, everyone!

    That's actually something that hasn't occured to me - buy unscented stuff and then just spritz it with the perfume. DUH moment here - please bear with me while I compose my smug self.
    Veni, Vidi, Visa.

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