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    Default Carven -- Ma Griffe and Vetiver

    I saw something very interesting at the Carven website. *If my eyes aren't deceiving me, it looks like there will be Ma Griffe body milk and shower gel available in 2006! *I'm both shocked and excited - shocked because I thought Ma Griffe had been relegated to bargain basement finds (I got mine at Marshall's for something like $9.99), and excited because... I love Ma Griffe and am excited to see new life for this one.

    I see also that the Vetiver will be available in aftershave lotion, shower gel, deodorant spray, and soap.

    Does anyone have any further information on this? *Cedric? *Anyone? *

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    Default Re: Carven -- Ma Griffe and Vetiver

    I don't have high hopes for Ma Griffe I'm afraid. It was still a classic 20 years ago and now it almost vanished. Lets hope somebody has the idea to repossition it as a delux fragrance, a bit like was done with Fracas.

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    Default Re: Carven -- Ma Griffe and Vetiver

    I'm really hoping Ma Griffe does not go the same route as Royal Secret & Galore. I enjoy Ma Griffe in the warmer months, and initially began wearing it when Rive Gauche became harder to find in the Chicago area.
    Last night I picked up a bottle of Galore from Filene's. Not the same fragrance the way I recall it from the 70's. Ditto Royal Secret. Both are colognes and are so strong they come on like industrial strength Janitor In A Drum cleaner. With Royal Secret, at least after awhile you get a powdery dry down, but the Galore, I sprayed it on last evening around 7:00 p.m. and could still smell it on me when I woke up in the morning. Don't know what the hell Five Star Fragrances did to these scents, but they are definitely not up to the old Germaine Monteil standards of the 60's & 70's.
    At least if Irma Shorell had done the reprocessing, we'd get something that was 99% like the original. I'm wondering why Five Star even bothers.

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    Default Re: Carven -- Ma Griffe and Vetiver

    Question: *An older packaging of Ma Griffe is identified as "Eau de Toilette", whereas a newer packaging is identified as "Parfum De Toilette". *Are both of these actually toilette strength or was the guy just jiving me that the second one was Carven's equavilent to Eau de Parfum?
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    Default Re: Carven -- Ma Griffe and Vetiver

    Oh, I'd l-o-v-e to have Ma Griffe back!!! That's good news, thanks!
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