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    Default New: Marc Jacobs Splash scent-trio.


    Brand: Marc Jacobs (Coty).

    Name: Marc Jacobs Splash: Rain, Grass and Cotton.

    Launch: April (USA).

    -Rain by Laurent LeGuernic (IFF): Tropical Rain accord.
    top: wet cut grass, wild strawberry, clementine zest and dewy cypress.
    heart: tropical passion flower, sunshine flower and white orchid.
    base: beech amber, tree moss, teak wood and musk.

    -Grass by Azniv Buzantian (Firmenich): Fresh Green.
    top: freshly snapped snow peas and lush green accords.
    heart: wildflowers and white muguet.
    base: soft woods and dewy musks.

    -Cotton by Carlos Vinals (Takasago): fresh floral musk...the smell of your favorite old T-shirt.
    top: fresh linen breezes and liquid oxygen mixed with white peach, citrus mandarin, orange and bergamot.
    heart: Marc T Signature Accord, cotton flower, lavandin and lily of the valley.
    base: cotton musk, smooth white suede, rich sandalwood and blond woods.

    Concept: "I always liked the concept of a fragrance someone could wear without it being too precious," says Jacobs. *"They aren't ‘occasion' scents — they are meant to invite you to use as much as possible, whenever you like." All have a musky base. Oil concentration is 8% (like IUNX).

    Coty predicts "Rain" to be the bestseller.

    Simple square bottles with black tops. Each juice has a different tint: Rain is a pale violet, Grass is a pale green and Cotton is a pale amber.
    Available in only one size, $65 for 10-oz. splash (including spray pump).

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    Default Re: New: Marc Jacobs Splash scent-trio.


    Cotton sounds very intruiging, but maybe I'm only saying that as I'm testing Demeter's Laundromat on my right arm

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    Default Re: New: Marc Jacobs Splash scent-trio.

    Which would you recommend of the three?

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    Default Re: New: Marc Jacobs Splash scent-trio.

    Read a review a little while ago on the New York Times website. Chandler Burr bagged Rain out pretty hard!
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    Default Re: New: Marc Jacobs Splash scent-trio.

    Quote Originally Posted by tanyaling View Post
    Which would you recommend of the three?
    tanyaling those three mentioned above were the first three splashes released by Marc Jacobs. Subsequently, he's released many more.

    Are you inquiring about the old ones or the new ones that were just released last week (Pear, Basil and Grapefruit)?
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    Default Re: New: Marc Jacobs Splash scent-trio.

    The old ones sound more interesting to me than the new ones, I'm a sucker for anything called "Rain."

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