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    Default The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    What perfumes do you think are the most Aldehydic ones?

    Chanel no. 5 must be one of them - or???

    I don`t like no. 5 on me. A couple of others that I`m not able to appreciate are Youth Dew, Aromatics Elixir and L`Air du Temps. Can you see any similarity in those?
    I`m thinking maybe it`s the Aldehyde I don`t like, what do you think?
    BTW: What is Aldehyde?

    Thx in advance :-* (the ignorant & lazy Musse)

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    Default Re: The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    Thanks for asking this question, Musse.
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    Default Re: The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    I find La Myrrhe by SL Salons du Palais Royal very aldehydic. It's a bit like a very soapy N°5 on steroids with a bitter topnote.

    I don't like all aldehydic fragrances but a few of my very favorites happen to be from that family: L'Air du Temps, N°5, Arpège...
    I also like very much several less aldehydic florals like: Fleur de Rocaille (original), Chant d'Arômes and Ombre Rose.

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    Default Re: The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    I find the aldehyde part of the equation hard to figure out also.
    I know what it's described to be - a class of artificial floral chemicals that give expansion and sparkle to a fragrance. Chanel #5 used aliphatic aldehydes in dominant proportions for the first time in any fine fragrance. It was discovered blending aliphatic aldehydes with Ylang Ylang made them usable as before this attempts to use them were unsuccessful. Even today when aldehydes are used in substantial percentages of a formulation it is hard to find them being used without Ylang Ylang.
    I understand it may be a matter of proportion, as most fragrances have them now. But there are some florals that strike me the same way and aren't described as being aldehydic, and vice versa. So I don't feel I have a handle on aldehydic fragrances at all.
    I don't know that Aromatics Elixir and Youth Dew are considered aldehydic. They're chypres, which you might not like, but #5 and L'Air Du Temp aren't.

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    Default Re: The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    Quote Originally Posted by musse
    BTW: What is Aldehyde?
    While waiting for our Basenote chemists to elaborate on this: The little I know about aldehydes is that they appear when some*alcohols oxicide and dehydrate. This process is reflected in the name; dehydrated alcohol.....experts, please come in and kick me if I am treating the subject with disrespect *;D *:-/ *;D ! But are all aldehydes liquids? Some of them are fragrant liquids anyway. Heliotropin, for example, is the fragrant aldehyde ocurring in vanilla and heliotrope. Then there is the peach aldehyde in Chanel No I have seen some conflicting information about wether this is scientifically an aldehyde or not, but in perfumery it seems still to be treated like one.

    Now, I am sure someone can give a more informative answer on this subject, since this one also included a few questions *

    edit: sorry, I didn´t see flathorns answer: interesting about the Ylang Ylang!

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    Default Re: The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    Thanks for your kind answers, everyone!

    (btw; cedriceccentric - I love Ombre Rose, too!)

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    Default Re: The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    I'm being lazy too, so here's a link:

    Scroll down to "What are aldehydes?"

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    Default Re: The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    Thx, Concord!

    Great link, not only for the aldehydes - think I`ll book-mark this one

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    Default Re: The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    Thanks for an interesting thread! I was glad to learn that some fragrances are not as heavy on the aldehydes as are others since I tend not to be able to wear certain aldehydic fragrances such as Chanel No 5 and Arpege.

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    Default Re: The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    Hello, Peachlover62!

    Welcome to Basenotes

    We have a lot of fun here, hope you`ll do a lot of posting :-*

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    Default Re: The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    Definitely Arpege next to no.5. Also Rive Gauche.
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    Default Re: The most Aldehydic perfumes?

    I'll have to say: Chanel N5, Arpège, Je Reviens(worth 1932), Detchema(revillion 1953), Mme.Rochas(1960), Climat (lancome), Infini(caron), on a less intensity but still very much aldehydic: White linen, White linen breeze, Esteé Super(1969), Calandre(paco rabanne), Ferré By Ferré, Tocadilly(rochas), Reverié (gloria Vanderbilt), also Noa has a nice aldehydic tone to it.

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