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    I'm not the best person to expound on the causality of essential oils in relation to the biology of psychology, as I don't have expertise in that area. I think this all started with my use of the word 'psychoactive', which may have been the wrong term to use, scientifically speaking.
    I don't know what the strict definition of psychoactive is. I was probably using it in the broader sense. Maybe what I SHOULD have said was the olfactory input from the essential oils via the limbic system, was MOOD-ALTERING. I know the limbic system is involved in the emotions. I don't really know - I know the reaction I got, but not why or what physiological process it used. And probably, within certain parameters, individual responses would vary, like it does with most things (perfumes, drugs, etc).

    I know EOs are made up of many different chemical components and have hormonal and biochemical effects upon the body and brain, but whether that adds up to a strict definition of psychoactive I'm not sure. Essential oils reach the bloodstream as a result of aromatic molecules being inhaled into the lungs through the tiny air sacs to the surrounding blood capillaries by the process of diffusion, as well as by absorption through the skin. Once in the bloodstream the aromatic molecules interact with the body's chemistry. Marijuana, inhaled into the lungs where it enters the blood stream is considered psychoactive. I don't really have a problem accepting EOs do interact with the body's chemistry. I guess I'm not certain though what to specifically call it.
    They definitely have effects on moods though. Like I said, Blues Blends really do lift your spirits, which is kind of neat. The evening I 'OD'd I think it was the cumulative effect of some heavy duty interaction between about 12 different test strips. Each EO made you feel a little different, and see different colors and textures in your mind. The rose centifolia made me feel as if the world were made of happy, sweet cotton candy, and I saw colors of baby pink and blue in my mind. The jasmine made you think of cashmere, pearls, lipstick and was smooth, the color of sable (NO fluffy cotton candy clouds or sweet baby colors!). I tried an artificial jasmine fragrance oil I bought later (because Jasmine concrete is so expensive) and it just wasn't the same - no cashmere, no sophistication, just sort of a rinky-dink beach-type jasmine. But I'm getting carried away here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by flathorn
    The rose centifolia made me feel as if the world were made of happy, sweet cotton candy, and I saw colors of baby pink and blue in my mind.
    That's why I was getting really curious. That sounds like fun! [smiley=cheesy.gif]
    I was just curious to know if this was a standard reaction that most people would get? I was thinking maybe there was some sameness to a certain point like maybe after smelling for awhile everyone would feel the world was made of happy sweet cotton candy but maybe not see the colors or vice versa.
    I was just goin' off on a tangent, don't mind me. Your word choice was fine.

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    Interesting (to me) is, I ask my 11yr son to smell my wrists occasionally, usually by jamming my arm against his little angel face and saying, "Ooo, smell this one". Reactions vary. But for Mimosa pour Moi, his face lit up and he said "That smells light blue". I'd never thought of expressing fragrances as abstract color until I read others do it on basenotes. I still thought they were kinda just being poetic, knowing the notes, etc. But I can say I'll never forget the beautific look on his face, and I'm sure I'll always like Mimosa just a little bit more because of it.
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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