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    Default Strawberry fields and Raspberry bushes

    Here in Texas we do not have winter. This year is not exceptional either. But somehow, I am craving juicy summer berries, strawberries and raspberries, in the midst of cool and dry days or cool and rainy mornings like today's.

    I know and love Magie Noire, and adore its raspberry heart. I am looking for something else though. I am familiar with Yves Rocher's EDTs, and their raspberry is lovely but overly sweet and synthetic smelling, same as in Ungaro Apparition. YR's strawberry reminds me of that from the wood and I like it once in a while, but I would like something more complex and longer lasting.

    Any suggestions? TIA.
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    Default Re: Strawberry fields and Raspberry bushes

    Hot Couture for raspberries. Carolina (Carolina Herrera) for strawberries.

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    Default Re: Strawberry fields and Raspberry bushes

    Chantal Thomass, to me, is a fruit pie explosion. *Blueberries, Raspberry, Love Apple, Raspberry Leaves, Heliotrope, Red Rose, Black Violet, Orange Blossom, Muscs, Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood.

    Two I have not tried but that sound interesting, both by Laurence Dumont--

    Vanille Blueberry *
    Sephora says: *"Like a delicious breeze charged with memories, Vanille Blueberry is a rich, intoxicating scent of ripe berries and sensual vanilla."

    Notes: *Strawberry, Pear, Apple, Pineapple, Peach, Raspberry Flower, Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Marine Notes, White Musk, Amber.

    Tarte aux Myrtilles
    From Sephora: *"A daring combination of elegant and fun, fruity notes, this infinitely feminine blend is a refreshing departure from the classic oriental fragrance."

    Notes: *Lemon, Blueberry, Caramel, Violet, Vanilla, Butter.

    Sonia Rykiel is very berry to me, but may not have the fresh, juicy berry aroma you're wanting. *Also, I wanted to mention another that I've not tried yet. *I posted about it in my Valentine's Day suggestions for men thread, and it's Tutti Dolci's Fantasia di Cioccolata. *B&BW says of Fantasia di Cioccolata: *"This sophisticated eau de toilette lingers for hours, so you can enjoy the delicious scent of creamy chocolate and luscious berries all day." *

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    Default Re: Strawberry fields and Raspberry bushes

    Hanae Mori Butterfly is a nice berry scent. Have you sniffed that one? And of course the Ms Dior Cherie.

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    Default Re: Strawberry fields and Raspberry bushes

    Fresh's Pomegranate Anise strikes me as kind of a tart bright raspberry like note, and I really like this one in cool air. It's not oversweet or cloying. I'm not sure how complex it is, though the anise offsets it nicely and doesn't bore me.

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    Default Re: Strawberry fields and Raspberry bushes

    I agree, Hot Couture is definitely the one if you look for raspberries. Moschino Cheap&Chic I Love Love is a nice combination of berries and citrus. I like it in spring.
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    Default Re: Strawberry fields and Raspberry bushes

    Thank you for all your recommendations, please keep'em coming!

    I suppose, I hastily forgot to mention in my original message that I am also familiar with Marina de Bourbon and Versace Time for Pleasure, and still looking....

    On my Sniffathon today I tried a couple of the scents suggested by you -- Bath&Body Works' Fantasia di Cioccolata (a very smooth chocolate-based gourmand fragrance) and Hanae Mori EDP (first impression was it is too sweet to my taste at the moment, and I was also somewhat underwhelmed with its development), could not find Hot Couture and Chantal Thomass at all.

    I had and used up a bottle of Sonia Rykiel (original), and it will always have a place in my heart, but I want to move on. Same with Carolina.

    Thank you all the same!

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    Default Re: Strawberry fields and Raspberry bushes

    Um, I own and loooooooooove:
    Par Amour Toujours.
    Raspberry, love, subdued sweetness, I only wish the staying power was better.
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