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    Default Amouge & Montale


    Once again I come for help in the great encyclopedia of information and the vast knowledge of the basenotes community.

    Any comments on Amouge products and Montale products would be helpful.

    Has anybody tried them ?

    If you did, did you like them?


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    Default Re: Amouge & Montale

    I love many of Montale's fragrances and just bought the Aoud Roses Petals. it is amazing. I am in love. *Here is the review for Aoud Queen Roses from Bois de Jamin, but I prefer Aoud Roses petals. *

    Aedes de Venustus, a discrimintatingly wonderful boutique (and my ususal source for *scent besides Barney's and Takashimaya) has reliable descriptions of fragrances on their website . *Here's *the link to the Montale page:

    You can call Aedes and discuss fragrances you are interested in possibly purchasing as well. They are very knowledgable. Their hours start at 12 Noon, Eastern but are open 7 dyas a week. *212-206-8674

    I have not tried Amouage but the Gold for women & men were created by Guy Robert, the legendary nose behind Hermes's Calèche, Madame Rochas, Dioressence and*Equipage.

    My two favorite on-line resources for good perfume reviews, the blogs Bois de Jasmin [] and Now Smell This[] -- both of which cover new scent introductions and vintage perfumes exhaustively -- curiously do not have much on Amouage. That is a negaive in my book. Some coverage in NST *on the oringinal Gold but nothing much else except shopping notes to perfunctarally announce new prodcut introductions for the subsequent scents. Not a good sign.

    On their own site, Amouage claim to farm out the creating of their new scents to places such as *Creations Aromatiques in Paris. Another not-good sign. *

    The website is weird. *More about the corporation than about the scents or their scent making. *Very frustrating and unsympathetic to the fragrances. Shouldn't we be hearing more about their other, newer*perfumes, not just one older perfume whose laruels they may be resting on? Very little about anything except the orignal fragrance of twenty years ago by Guy Robert (Can he still be actively working? *Can he still be alive? He was a leading nose in the 50's, for Gosh sakes.) *It's as if the perfumes are actaully *unimportant to the Amouage "corporation." *And corporation it does feel like, far more than a perfume house.

    *You can tell a great deal about a company from the "real estate" of its site. *How much space is alloted to what subject tells you what they really find important. So one would have to conclude that the fragrances are second banana to the Amouage "Organization". There is even an org chart complete with photots of all the Arab execs (find me one other serious perfume site that does this.) For investor relations purposes or outsized egos? Or a misunderstanding of web sites? *They think this should be a business site, not a perfume site? *

    In any event, the Amouage website, in my opinion, *betrays a lack of focus on fragrance, fashion or beauty itself.*What there is about "the Complexity of Creation" (PR babble) relates to the twenty year-old fragrance now called Gold which was the first scent commissioned from Guy Robert. They seem to out-source the creation of the new scents. But not many words are wasted in describing the scents of the past two decades. There is what feels like a souless green-washing [enviro-freindly "white washing", to give an illusion of envoronmental consciousness to otherwise nasty corporations making little effort to clean up their acts] *statement about only using synthetic musk, civet and ambergris. So as to get on the cruelty free bandwagon? *

    There is an off-note here which further reveals a lack of understanding of perfume making. * Ambergris, though it comes from whales, does not invlove the harming of whales. So why tout natural ambergris-free as being conscientous? Disgustingly enough, ambergris is sperm whale vomit that has been floating and aging at sea for a prolonged period (as long as 10 years). It is found, not taken.** So including ambergris in a list to show an environmental consciousness is phony, off-base and curiously out of step with their "committment" to the finest, costliest ingredients. If this is the finest, costliest perfume, use real ambergris!

    Now all this does not mean that Amouage does not have a few worthy scents. They could indeed have hired very good folks besides Guy Robert to make them. *What all this out-sourcing and dismal hack webwriting that practically ignores the fragrances may mean, however, is that the House itself may lack vision, genuine passion and original drive.

    ** BTW: *here's a link to a recent article about an ambergris find in Australia resulting in a possible quarter-million dollar windfall for the finders. it was posted to the male fragrance discussion board yesterday.

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    Default Re: Amouge & Montale

    I bought Oud Queen of Roses last summer and it was seemed magical for all of 2 months. I have never had anything as cloying as this Montale fragrance. Even after a bath, the scent stays on you. My cats, my BF, my bestfriend and an irate cab driver all gave it a thumbs-down, by the way.

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    Default Re: Amouge & Montale

    Aoud Queen Roses
    ...never had anything as cloying as this Montale fragrance. Even after a bath, the scent stays on you...
    Blessedly not the case with Aoud Roses Petals. Even my 10 year old son likes it on me. In fact, he was one of the ones who chose it for me *I tried three scents and asked my finance, his 22 year-old son, a co-worker and my own boy. All loved the Roses Petals with its notes of apricot and plum. Got mixed reactions to SL Daim Blond, *-- some loved, some so-so, but I loved it, so there.

    I would like to try Montale's Sandflowers *--

    Sea notes from the ocean combined with the coolness of juniper berries on a base of sandalwood and oakmoss for a fragrance reminiscent of sunshine and travels in the East.

    I would also like to try Montale's Ginger- Musk
    A sparkling ginger fragrance combined with blackberry and white musk on a base of red berries.

    That sounds fantastic to me! *

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    Default Re: Amouge & Montale

    Quote Originally Posted by OleBrumm
    My cats, my BF, my bestfriend and an irate cab driver all gave it a thumbs-down, by the way.
    Ouch, I hope it wasn´t all on the same day! * Or maybe that would have been better *

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    Default Re: Amouge & Montale

    I found Amouage Gold and Dia to be nice evening and daytime fragrances respectively. They are classically constructed, and kept bringing to my mind Chanel #5. Both are very wearable and probably could become the right person's signature scent. I believe Dia is one a person would find herself grabbing for many daytime occasions because of it's classic, pedigreed but understated character.
    I didn't care for either more than Chanel (or several other of that genre) though, so considering the price of the Amouage line I passed on them. I also didn't care for the emphasis on snob appeal ("the most valuable perfume in the world", "sold to the rich and refined" etc) which was a little blatant.
    As to Montale, at the moment I'm totally smitten with their new Black Aoud, my answer to Voleur De Roses, which I can't wear. I also like their Aoud Ambre, a sensual oud and amber fragrance. Montale uses many fragrances from the orient and Arabia, which resulted in an entire line of Oud fragrances, some of which I love and some of which don't work for me. Wood and Spices turned vile on my skin - it's listed as a masculine fragrance, so that may have been part of my problem. Aoud Cuir D'Arabie is a respectable leather - a rough and ready saddle leather to the Black Aoud's rose kidskin. I also liked their Chypre-Fruite, more of a mainline creation than their oud line.
    I really want to try their Aoud Roses Petals and Aoud Queen Rose after reading this thread.

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    Default Re: Amouge & Montale

    I didn't care for either more than Chanel (or several other of that genre) though, so considering the price of the Amouage line I passed on them. I also didn't care for the emphasis on snob appeal *("the most valuable perfume in the world", "sold to the rich and refined" etc) which was a little blatant.
    You are right on both counts I feel: there are other, more interesting scents just as classically composed and more truly refined and well-bred than these. *Heck, there are even more classically Middle Eastern scents such as the Montale Aouds you mention above that ar far more "refined" and intriguing.

    And, the utterly crass play to class and financial insecurities of rich wannabes is made particularly repellent by the untruth if it all....."most valuable perfume in the world?" HUmbug. "Sold to the rich and refined?" *Strike that last adjective for sure.

    Really want refined? *Try Lorenzo Villoresi and ask him to compose a fragrance especially for you. *Off the shelf and classically generic vs. bespoke and the latest in style and taste...let's see, which is more "valuable" or "rich" or 'refined?"

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