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    Default A Replacement for Pleasures Intense???

    Hey, I have two friends who, by chance wear the same perfume now.

    My first friend, had Pleasures Intense for a while, and my other has just recently bought it. So my first friend wants to know if there is a similar or even better replacement for one of her favorite frags.

    I was wondering if any of you gals knew.


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    Default Re: A Replacement for Pleasures Intense???

    There is a "fragrance equivalency" chart available at the following link. Click on the "Fragrance Adviser" section along the left-hand column. Michael Edwards claims Christian Dior Tendre Poison, Trussardi Skin, and Burberry Weekend are supposed to be of the same general character as Pleasures Intense. I have no idea, however, I have found the suggestions at this site to be far from equivalent. Just an F.Y.I.
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    Default Re: A Replacement for Pleasures Intense???

    I have Pleasures Intense and I really notice the lily note. Another very pretty fragrance with a prominent lily note is Lulu Guinness (her first fragrance, just called Lulu Guinness). It's softer than PI, and lacks the strong green note, but your friend may like this.

    On Sephora's fragrance finder, they suggest Givenchy's Very Irresistable. I've tried this but I can't remember much about it, except that it is a fresh, bright floral. I think this may work. The other fragrances suggested by Sephora are RL Romance, Burberry Weekend, and AA Gentiana but I can't really say I agree with these. But why not test them out?

    I just thought of another one. Lancome Tresor L'Eau de Toilette. This is lighter than the original Tresor and very fresh and pretty. I quite like this, at least from sniffing the magazine fragrance strips. Have yet to really test this on my skin. Lancome's description:

    This new fragrance brings together the essence of love with a hint of laughter. An exhilarating accord of Apricot Rose and Lilac represents a light and airy interpretation of Trésor, for the lighter side of love.
    L'eau de toilette is an invigorating fragrance form designed to give a subtle but lingering suggestion of scent.

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    Default Re: A Replacement for Pleasures Intense???

    I have a friend who both loves and wears Pleasures Intense and L'Instant de Guerlain. So L'Istant might be an option.

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    Default Re: A Replacement for Pleasures Intense???

    thnks guys, ill take her to try some of those soon.

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