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    Default Has anyone tried Costes?

    Has anyone tried this yet? Karl @ Aedes says it is truly beautiful and that the whole shop is wearing it now.

    The famous Hôtel Costes has a signature scent : Rami Mekdachi, an expert at creating ambiance scents for cult parisian venues (for example the concept store Colette) and the perfume creator, Olivia Giacobetti have created a harmonious blend of lavender, laurel, coriander seeds, white pepper, rose, incense, wood and musk.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Costes?

    Yup I tried is a great frag but for some reason the spicy notes irritate my eyes. *I almost bought a full bottle awhile back because it was the only masculine "rose" smelling scent that I could actually feel comfortable wearing. *I still might get it and just not spray it on my chest or neck. *I definitely have never smelled anything like it. *It could also be worn by a girl too. *Giacobetti makes some dang good scents

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Costes?' you, Noseorgy. *I was moved and impressed by your response on my question to the gentlemen so called aedes to order up some samples. While on the call, Karl mentioned Costes as one I should try. I looked it up in the basenotes database and it is not listed yet but was on luckyscent. I should get the pkg tomorrow and will let you know what I think

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Costes?

    yeah it's me
    I asked the same thing awhile back when I bought Chergui from Aedes when it first became available. *They sent me a sample of Costes and I smelled a wonderful masculine spicy rose scent but could find no info on it here. *Turns out I think most of the replies/opinions were good. *I don't think it is widely sampled as of yet. *Since it is a limited edition I just might get it anyway just because

    As an aside to this I still have yet to try AG's Rose Absolue. *I am thinking this stuff might be a really really good rose scent as AG usually makes nothing but beautiful feminine scents.

    Also I found this on ebay which is pretty rare although it is only about 1oz remaining
    I am not bidding on it so if anyone wants it...

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