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    Default Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    Former floral lover extreme here, favoring tuberose, jasmine, and lilac. I still love florals, but after figuring out what "chypres", "spice", "amber", and "greens" were, Conservative Me sailed on to higher heights, even to fall in love with a "niche" fragrance, POTL.

    Rose scents made me gag, and now I love them. Spicies were too heady for me years ago, but my chemistry happily accepts them these days. I considered ambers as too masculine - not any more! I'm not sure whether it's a matter of being able to appreciate fragrances more or whether my DNA has done a whoopsie.

    Who knows, maybe someday I'll even appreciate patchoulis, smokies, and leathers. : ;D
    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." -- Mae West

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    Default Re: Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    One thing I've noticed is how much my sense of fragrance has changed since I was a kid. *I remember perfumes as frequently smelling harsh--as I noted in a topic, some actually scared me. *Cristalle and Dune were perhaps the worst offenders, but others just seemed so intense, even on my mother (and she's not scary or a douser). *Now, going back and smelling them, I smell the same scents, minus the stark, intense harshness. *So I think somehow my olfactory sense has matured or mellowed. *It would be interesting to think about that. I assume it corresponds with how adults tend to like a wider variety of and more intense flavors than children.

    As for my own fragrance evolution, I always had a taste for the somewhat offbeat, but I used to wear the sweet, floral-fruity fragrances popular with school-age girls (Sunflowers and then Curve). *I never really loved them; they just "smelled good." *(I've also dug up some other oldies that I used to wear and stuck them in the "used to own" section of my wardrobe.) *Now I'm mainly into orientals, amber, spicy, greens, chypres, and I do like leathers and smokies (Tabac Blond...closest to my HG), but it's only been a few months of perfume exploration and it's been that may be my bias. *I wonder if I'll move into the white florals someday. *I like them, but don't have them figured out! *(Lilacs, on the other hand, as well as carnations, make me very, very happy.)

    Interesting, thought-provoking topic!

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    Default Re: Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    My immediate response was going to be "no." I don't think my taste in scents has changed. Even though I didn't know categories until about three or four years ago, I loved florals, orientals, chypres... and I still do. So no, my taste hasn't changed. However, my taste has changed to include rose-themed fragrances, thanks to Irma Shorell Rose.

    So no, it hasn't changed -- I love what I've always loved and I dislike what I've always disliked. And yes, it has changed to include roses. The thing is this -- the internet has opened wide the doors to the fragrance world. I'm still discovering classics that were never available in my area or that even today aren't locally on counters. If Irma Shorell Rose, for example, had been on counter 20 or 25 years ago... I just feel certain I would have loved it just as madly as I do today and would not have avoided rose-themed fragrances most of my life.

    What was the question? :

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    Default Re: Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    :-*NO! *I have always loved orientals and spicy fragrances. *STILL do. *I will say that my taste has broadened..........

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    Default Re: Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    In my teens and 20's, I was pretty much into the florals. I wanted so badly to like the chypres & the leathery scents, but they were too overwhelming for me at the time. I wore L'Air Du Temps, Oh de London, Love's Musky Jasmine Flower, Coty's Miguet Des Bois & devoutly wore Caron's Fleurs de Rocaille. As I reached the latter part of my 30's, however, I reaccquainted myself with the chypres, and now I almost exclusively wear them. I prefer them. Florals I reserve for spring & summer months, and once in awhile in the winter to ward off a case of the weather-related blues.
    I think as one ages, their sense of smell changes. When you're younger, it's more intuitive, sharper. As you age, the same scents don't smell the same, or, they seem to smell more faint. Which is why I think a lot of elderly women pile on the Youth Dew, White Diamonds, and other heavier scents - I don't think they can really smell it on themselves that distinctly any more as they approach their 60's & 70's. Hence the overload.
    Of course, there is no accounting for the way a certain scent can make you feel. Yesterday I sampled an older stock bottle of Leonard's Tamango from the 70's - at first whiff I was instantly reminded of an old friend, Patty, who was a foot model in the latter part of the 70's & wore Tamango exclusively when all of us girls went out barhopping together. She was the prototype of Paris Hilton: tall, blond, lithe, and Tamango suited her perfectly. When I opened that bottle, it took me back to 1979 in her apartment across from the Pump Room when we would all get ready in her tiny modular, 70's bathroom for a night on the town. She was woman with style, and I think that it is the woman who makes the perfume, not the other way around.

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    Default Re: Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    I think Ladylonestar is onto something when she says the internet has affected her. Access to information and products has certainly enhanced the scent experience for most of us.

    I was not into fragrances at all until this past year when I turned 50, and I wonder if being perimenopausal has anything to do with me suddenly getting very girlie about perfumes.
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    Default Re: Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    Yes, propably it has changed a bit, not much. When i was young, like under 20, I wear sweet fragance like cacharel:loulou, it was sweet oriental parfum.
    Nowdays, over 30, I like still orental: guerlain:shalimar, rochas:alchimie. maybe fragances get stronger.

    new touch is leather, and spices, and wood... I love bvlgari:black, caran black cashmere,l´occitane :vetyver.

    Maybe what you like goes with your horoscope, or what do you think. I´m anyway scorpio.

    And of course, this internet has given me so mutch new information, It´s easier today, to find treasures.

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    Default Re: Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    I don't know if my taste has changed, but I believe my nose has. I think RitaMae is correct on that one - oftentimes the sense of smell lessens as one ages.
    My mother lives in the Pioneer Home, an elderly person's home, and is hesitant to wear fragrances. She said her sense of smell has lessened so much she's afraid of overdoing it and offending those around her. As a girl, she remembers elderly relatives attending get-togethers reeking of heavy oppressive perfumes, and not being aware of how strong they smelled.
    When she and I go out, I bring a perfume sample wipe or decant for her to put on (I bring sampler wipes because you can't overdo with one wipe). She can't always smell them well, but she likes the idea of smelling ladylike. My fondest memory is of bringing a sampler packet of Chanel Coco edt. She saw the name Chanel in prominent letters and instead of putting it on, tucked it away in her purse, like a little treasure. The name obviously meant something special to her.

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    Default Re: Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    Quote Originally Posted by flathorn
    When she and I go out, I bring a perfume sample wipe or decant for her to put on.
    Bless your heart. :-*
    In a world where 6 million people are added each month, every landscape matters.

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    Default Re: Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    Yes, both taste and nose I believe. I too used to prefere white florals, quite clean and simple floral scents without too much of that indole note that can appear in florals, and without any animalic trace whatsoever. If I had come across a gardenia solifloral, or if A. A. Lilia Bella had existed when I was 16-24, it would probably have been my ideal scent to wear on a daily basis. I still like florals (and I still prefer less busy boquets, or soliflorals in that cathegory), but the chypres/fougères are quite new to me, and the more I use them the more I fall in love with them. Sweet orientals and gormands too - I used to think that everything with vanilla notes in it only smelled vanilla...that has changed. I can now sense, and enjoy the other notes in there, and how the vanilla accentuates them. I think this change is mostly due to my recent finds. There are a lot of scents with a vanilla overdose, and those are the ones that scream out loud. Perhaps the biggest change is that I now sometimes enjoy to wear some of the classics, that I have before only been intrested in reading about, looking at and smelling from the bottles, because I found them too sharp, heavy, civet-y or powdery on me. I still tend to prefer serenity to complexity, but who knows where it will end.

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    Default Re: Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    My tastes have changed. I wore musk before and now I'm a definately floral person.

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    Default Re: Have your taste(s) in scents changed?

    Ehh, I've just recently gotten into this.

    Before university, I used to detest a lot of fragrances because they were usually worn in large quantities by eldery woman in my village who would just bathe in the stuff. As you can imagine, the smell was foul.

    But now I've actually found a class I really love: fruity scents, especially the ltd edition Escada ones and J Lo LIVE.

    Strangely I can't really find many people who like family too...

    But if anyone else does, could they please reccommend some new fruity and sweet scents?

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