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    Default Signature perfumes? or fav scent for certain times

    Is there anyone on this forum that forgets buying all the new perfumes or searching for "perfection" and wears or keeps coming back to the one scent or at least a few different scents depending on the time of day, time of year or mood?
    I too love to buy new or different but for 20 years or so have mostly stuck to a few favs I divert or evolve sometimes of course but mostly i stick to my fav's
    What are your views and your list mine are:

    AM [Hot temp or Summer]
    1] "Grey Flannel" by Geoffrey Beene mens eau de toilette it is very fresh and soft.
    2] " Fahreneit" by Christian Dior also for men soft and sweetish I wear this in winter too
    3] " Eau Savage" by Dior another mens scent :-?
    AM [Cold or Winter]
    1] "Je Reviens" by Worth a soft warm old fashioned smell [I don't mind old lady smells :-[ ]
    1] "Ma Griffe" by Carven as the name implies noticeable and lingering
    2] "Eau de Patou"" by Jean Patou floral citrus
    PM NIGHT [Summer and Winter]
    1] " Balenciaga pour Homme" by Balenciaga mens scent again!! fresh incense I would call this
    2] "Florin" by Jurlique very much like Miss Dior made from essential oils

    I also wear 2 sprays of "April Violets" by Yardley and 1 spray of "Tea Rose" by the Perfume Workshop after I shower or bath at night for bed :

    LOL this is a lot written down !! but I do mostly stick to it

    Post your lists !!

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    Default Re: Signature perfumes? or fav scent for certain t

    I would be fine if I just stuck to my faves for the rest of my life. No need to continue this maddness.

    Coco parfum
    Mitsouko parfum
    Private Collection
    Must de Cartier
    Shalimar parfum
    MPG Ambre Precieux

    I have some others that I wear when it's really hot but mostly..........these are the faves. I have many others that I love a lot!

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    Default Re: Signature perfumes? or fav scent for certain t

    I only buy a full bottle of La Chasse Aux Papillons. However, since it doesn't last and is a little rich for my pocketbook I frequently 'sample' other fragrances in hoping to find something I love just as well. Alas, I haven't. I've worn Papillons for a few years already. I think it's the most 'me' but gosh darn it, it's so light. Over Christmas I wore my sample of Spring Flower every day in hopes that I'd fall in love with it because my husband likes it and it's super strong. Let me tell you, the day I put back on my Papillons I felt so much more calm. Weird. I should just admit to myself that LCAP is the one for me and stop wasting my time and money on all these samples(which really do add up because I purchase them off of ebay)

    I really liked burts bees apricot solid fragrance but instead of making it into a spray version(which I begged them for) they discontinued it. I wonder why.

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    Default Re: Signature perfumes? or fav scent for certain t

    I usually wear O de Lancome in the Summer or Clarins Eau Dynamisante (at work).
    In the Autumn I love Cabochard(Gres) or Mitsouku.
    Around Xmas time I wear Narcisse Noir or Nuit de Noel by Caron (I only have tiny samples of both of these as they are rather
    expensive.) My new favourite is Feminite du Bois by Shiseido - yummy. Also I like to wear Angel-leLys by Thierry Mugler in
    bed, as it great to snuggle up to.
    A woman without perfume is like a flower without a scent.

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