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Thread: Guerlain Clones

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    Default Guerlain Clones

    Hi, can someone help me re. LŽInstant for women. IŽve seen so many different versions,yet the bottles look almost identical....very very IRRITATING Guerlain !!!
    It was only when I looked at the bottom of the testers that I noticed variations: one says amber crystal, another says iris, another says flori. How many versions are there out there for gods sake ! talk about cloning !!
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    I don't know what you mean about the labels.

    Iris , amber crystal and fiori (?? italian all of a sudden?? ) are notes of the perfume as it is.The labels sometimes indicate notes , but not seperately of course on different bottles everytime.They should appear grouped together on the same bottle. Hope I am making sense here....

    I know :
    1)there is the original EDP in a mauve-ish bottle which is sweeter and more vanilla-amber with touches of some fruit and floral ,
    2)there is the EDT in a peachier bottle which is more fruity at top with effervescent notes and less vanilla in the base ( actually it's the more interesting of the two , less cloying) and
    3) there is also a limited edition for this past Christmas in a mauve bottle with some overlay design of the brand logo ( that peculiar "hoop" of Guerlain) that has iris highlighted in the notes , but I haven't sniffed the latter and can't comment on the scent.

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