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    Default Arpege vs Eau Arpege?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a difference between "Arpege" and "Eau Arpege" ? I ask because I often see "Eau Arpege" Used to describe boxes/bottles that just say "Arpege" IE

    Other times I see bottles that actually say "Eau Arpege" on them for example

    I've also noticed that the accent grave is missing in the "Eau Arpege" so maybe "Eau Arpege" is just the american distributor's version? Or. . . it is just a different vintage of bottle? Anybody know?

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    Default Re: Arpege vs Eau Arpege?

    Hi Lonefish, to my nose they are different. I bought on ebay a used bottle Eau d'Arpège because my mother had a bottle years ago. The strange thing is that there is no mention of it in the official Lanvin website, and you have the history of their perfumes in the category "more information).

    I sent an email to them, but no reply...

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    Default Re: Arpege vs Eau Arpege?

    Hmm, interesting. How are they different exactly? On the website you gave they do have "Eau de parfum Arpege" as a seperate listing for 1987. Could this be the mystery scent? I wonder if "Eau Arpege" Is just a different concentration. I saw some bottles of Eau Arpege on ebay too, they were pretty cheap, may as well get one right? I'm sure I've smelled Arpege "boule noire" before but I simply can't remember what it smelled like :-[ I'm wondering if this is the mystery fragrance I sprayed and then forgot about which I had been thinking was amarige.

    ETA: I just noticed on 1992 it also says "relance Arpege." So now I'm thinking that the Eau Arpege is either this version, but maybe more likely Eau Arpege is the 1987 version and for some reason they decided to go back to the original version? Makes sense considering the way the bottles look now plus the regular "Arpege" title.

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    Default Re: Arpege vs Eau Arpege?

    Being a male fan of Arpege, i have never seen a Bottle that said plainly "Eau Arpege", if i ever see one it wont' feel right.
    Both the old and the reformulated boxes have , depending on the concentration: Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, or Parfum, written on it.
    Are you sure it's an original? ...smells fishy! so unlike Arpege!

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    Default Re: Arpege vs Eau Arpege?

    I'm pretty sure it's legit, seeing as the bottles of this stuff I've seen have originated from many different places, and as you see one website sells bottles of it for ungodly high prices (why? Maybe because it's discontinued?) So, unless there's some huge scam going on it's probably legit. When I get my bottle I'll give you any updates.

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    Default Re: Arpege vs Eau Arpege?

    Strange scent indeed...i saw once in paris an "Arpege Eau Delicieuse" wich was basically the same as arpege but without any alcohol..the other thing is why a french house would call something Eau Arpege if the correct way in french would be Eau d'Arpege? Hopefully it will be a legit one as you say, when you get it please tell us if it's any good!
    Thanks for noticing this one for us! i will keep an eye open for it now!

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    Default Re: Arpege vs Eau Arpege?

    Well, here's a follow-up on the whole mystery . . . so it's an EDT and it's a "natural spray" which apparently means a non-aerosol spray (are any perfumes aerosol sprays though?) It does seem to be the real deal ie Lanvin brand legit box etc. The spray top on mine doesn't seem to really work but it's no biggy, 'cause i can dispense it without spraying it and I actually prefer it that way. On the back it says "Blended in U.S.A. with perfume imported from france" maybe this explains the mystery of the incorrect french in the title. Just judging by the style of the bottle I would guess this particular bottle was manufactured some time in the 80s or so. But I really can't say. I wish I had "normal" Arpege to compare it to but just from what I remember of brief scents of Arpege it smells just like it.

    Well, I'm still baffled! But at least I have a nice smelling frag (and am totally going to not even look at fragrances for another month after this recent binge i went on)

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