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    Default Monyette Paris Fragrance Oil

    Is it just me, or do any other Basenoters out there find this fragrance to be over-rated? I've tried it on, walked around with it, layered it over its own matching lotion, and to me, it's still nothing special. Auric Blend oils for $7 smell far better, and yet Monyette gets away with charging $45 for a bottle of oil? The gardenia is barely detectable, and the nag champa? I don't smell it at all! Doesn't even remind me of a day at the beach, as many have commented on the LuckyScent site. Jovan's Island Gardenia reminds me more of Hawaii!

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    Default Re: Monyette Paris Fragrance Oil

    RitaMae, I'm going to have to get out my sample vial and re-test it. I don't recall anything at all about it -- I dabbed, sniffed, and dismissed. That could be an indication that I didn't think it was worth the price on its cute little head, but more likely it just means that I got in a hurry and never got back around to properly sampling it. That happens sometimes when I place a very large sample order from Lucky Scent. I overwhelm myself.

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    Default Re: Monyette Paris Fragrance Oil

    Well I went out to Fields last night & resampled the new sample bottle of Monyette, in case the one I already have at home is "off." I applied it lavishly on the left arm, even at the pulse points. Ran around the store & worked up a good sweat. Sat down on the train on the way home. Sniffed with wild abandon. Still nothing. LOL ;D ;D ;D I just give up on this scent. Like Gres' Cabaret, it does nothing for me but sit on the skin.

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    Default Re: Monyette Paris Fragrance Oil

    This is one of the first I tried when I started fragrance sampling, and my reaction was pretty much the same as you.
    I'm not much of a gardenia fan, but I found other gardenia/Hawaii type oils just as satisfying, and a whole lot cheaper.
    Back then, because it had been put on a top 5 cult favorite list, I was expecting the fragrance clouds to part, and was shocked it didn't knock my socks off.
    I passed it on to my daughter who was going to Hawaii.

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    Default Re: Monyette Paris Fragrance Oil

    I'm not big on this one either, although the Nag Champa does stand out a bit on my skin. Unfortunately I'm not a Nag Champa fan, so I find the perfume overly sweet and very choking.

    I remember reading some reviews where Monyette was compared to Kai, but I just can't see this. To me Monyette is cloyingly sweet and much darker, where Kai is green, sap-like, freshly sweet- a completely different take on pikake to my nose.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: Monyette Paris Fragrance Oil

    As far as I can tell it is a blend of fragrance oils (much like the ones you can buy on and thousands other places) blended together. I am not impressed with the quality nor the originality nor the packaging itself. Overpriced and underrated indeed. But it's not the only one that is made of fragrance oils (which is to me not real perfumery, but a way of cheating it - mixing together pre-blended fragrance oils of poor quality; it's like selling a cake made from a Betty Crocker cake mix in a French pastry store). This is pretty much what Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Yosh and Pillar&Lucy smell to my nose. Maybe there are a couple of essential oils thrown here or there if we are lucky, but that is hard to say as they are swallowed by massive quantities of cheap chemicals of fragrance oils.
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    Default Re: Monyette Paris Fragrance Oil

    Ayala has a point , you know.......

    Monyette is way overpriced for what it is , considering that gardenias don't even yield an essantial oil.
    Monyette manages to be too heavy and has a coconut smell that some people find them it reminds them of the beach and suntan lotion , so they associate the smell with summer , yada yada yada. Well , it's not something I am too keen on and if you put too much on ti can be sickening.
    In those lines , Kai is a much better example of a gardenia oil - greener , lighter , just budding , not rotten and heavy.
    Child is a good oil too , although again too expensive for what it is . It's mostly pikake to my nose .

    I loooooove fresh gardenias ( am very familiar with the blossom) and the search for a true gardenia was elusive , until I discovered Kai and Yves Rocher Pur desir de Gardenia ( this latter is extra cheap , but smells wonderful ) Please try them.

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    Default Re: Monyette Paris Fragrance Oil

    I know that perhaps the price is offputting, but there is something that happens when I mix this with my Annick Goutal Passion. At the end of the day, at around 5:00 when I know I'll be heading out of work soon, an explosion happens, and I smell a bouquet of white flowers, and I feel like I'm at the beach. I also sometimes add Hawaiian Tropic Oil to the mix. I think the Monyette adds something salty, beachy. I've tried the Cherry Blossom Diva Dupe, which although quite good, is missing a few notes.

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