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    Default Why is this crown perfumery so cheap?


    A similar sized bottle goes for 98 dollars on parfums raffy. So why so cheap on ebay? I can't understand. Do the sellers just not realize what they're selling, or what?

    If this is actually just a really good bargain, and anyone wants it go ahead I wasn't interested in buying, just baffled by its cheapness.

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    Default Re: Why is this crown perfumery so cheap?

    Well all Crown Perfumery has been discontinued now. I would say it it perhaps a tester,with no box. I have bought Crown testers for 2.99.
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    Default Re: Why is this crown perfumery so cheap?

    wow, what a steal

    i saw a tester on ebay a few days ago for over 100 dollars! and now it's gone, so someone paid for it!! where did you get such cheap testers? I figured its discontinuation would lead to even higher prices. no??

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