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    Default Almost an evening in Paris?

    I'm supposed to be helping a co-worker find a bottle of his mother's favorite scent for an upcoming birthday. It's evening in Paris and wasn't all that hard to find online. Trouble is, several sites proudly proclaim that it's been "updated" and that makes me wonder if my friend's mom would even recognize it anymore. Would anyone here have worn both of them?

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    Default Re: Almost an evening in Paris?

    This probably isn't going to help you much, Noirwest, but I had both -- vintage Evening in Paris and the modernized version -- but gave them to a POL friend about two years ago. I believe she actually preferred or liked the modernized version. I, however, much preferred the original Evening in Paris. If memory serves me correctly, I thought (at the time) the modernized version was recognizable as Evening in Paris... but only briefly in the top and heart and only vaguely and not at all after drydown. Sorry I don't recall more about it and I didn't keep any of either for comparison purposes.

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