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    Default Perfume Shops in Rome?

    My beloved and I are planning a big trip next year, where we are going to Egypt and Rome. Yes, strange choices, but these are the 2 places each of us has dreamt of visiting (me being the Egypt-buff).

    We will be spending at least a week in Rome, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any fabulous perfume shops/houses? Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Perfume Shops in Rome?

    Here's something that may help you or be of interest, from Basenotes Shopping Guides forum:

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    Default Re: Perfume Shops in Rome?

    If you plan to visit Cairo, you probably will visit perfume shops - but these shops are not the shops we use to know. They are selling kind of perfumed oils. You can buy different kind of oil which are very simmilar like well known fragrances - my sister bought something which smells like Angel, for example. The packagings of this oils are designed in oriental way. It is possible to buy a little bottles for fragrances which looks like come from "Aladin's lamp" cartoon. These bottles are very colourful but I'm not sure that the decanted fragrance will be safe inside.
    I haven't seen these places, but some friends of mine visited kind of place where the raw materials for making fragrances are proccesing.
    I spent only two days in Rome - I noticed shops like everywhere in Europe (but have to admit I did not look for the perfume shop), should spend much more time there to see everything.
    Anyway enjoy in Rome (and in Italy) and Egypt, both places are amaizing. And do not forget to negotiate about a prices in Egypt, it's a ritual for them.

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