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    Default The allergy prone perfume lover

    Yes, I fall into that category *

    I'm allergic to everything under the sun. *You name it, I'm probably allergic! *It's hard too because some of my favorite things are shellfish, dogs and cats and of course perfume. *I refuse to give up two things: *my dog and perfume. * I can live without shellfish and some of the meds I'm allergic to........just refuse to stop living though. *

    I'm learning some tips through trial and error that do help with this problem:

    Only spray morning and afternoon, never before bedtime. *Gives the nose a good rest.

    Take allergy meds (for me it's Zyrtec) faithfully each night so that helps calm the nose down during sleep.

    Use a (preferrably) steroid nasal spray every day so that helps cut down on irritation and swelling.

    Always have benadryl on hand, just in case you run into a scent that causes itching. *

    Any other ideas on do's and don'ts? *Any particular ingredients to really be very cautious about? *I've heard about certain preservatives and synthetic ingredients that cause particularly bad reactions. *Don't know what they are though. *Maybe affects asthma sufferers, which thankfully, I do not have.

    Loving this site. *

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    Default Re: The allergy prone perfume lover

    I'm an allergy sufferer, too. Something that's just come up in the last few years and I don't like it one bit. I've only had two perfumes set off wicked coughing/sneezing attacks -- both of them I absolutely LOVE -- and they're Spellbound and Jaipur Saphir. They don't bother me at all when worn by others, just when I wear them. I haven't compared the two to check for common culprits, however. My sister, who has chronic acute asthma and is on prescription meds, inhalers, and shots almost weekly, says she's never ever had an asthma attack from someone else's fragrance (though she has from her own -- a very heavy application of Dolce & Gabanna sent her to the ER).

    As for not sleeping in fragrance... well, I do. If it doesn't bother me during the day then it doesn't bother me during the night. But that's just me. I don't do full-on sprays, however. I dab or spritz lightly at the wrists, or I use the scented lotion sometimes -- it depends.

    And as for your question about ingredients, preservatives and synthetics... I think there's a ton of info on the internet about this since there are groups pushing for anti-perfume in public places. I read something two years ago from the American Medical Association where they basically labeled fragrance as "the new secondhand smoke". Can't recall the source and two years and a new computer later, I can't find the bookmark either. I just stumbled onto it while looking for something else, so I'm sure a little googling or dogpiling will turn up lots of info.

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    Default Re: The allergy prone perfume lover

    Allergies bite eh? I too only developed them in the past 10 years, so it's all a new world to me.

    So sorry about your sis and the D&G. That's awful!

    I'll do some searching and see if I can find some articles.

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    Default Re: The allergy prone perfume lover

    I can't believe I said "pushing for anti-perfume in public places." I meant to say pushing to ban perfume in public places. Sheesh. : I got my thoughts crossed since I had been thinking there are people who are anti-perfume. Thankfully, you understood me. ;D

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    Default Re: The allergy prone perfume lover

    OH NO! Get me my smelling salts! Banning perfume in public places would be next to impossible! Wouldn't it?

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    Default Re: The allergy prone perfume lover

    I'm in that category too, right in there with you! But I refuse to give up on scents.

    The one that causes me the most problems is, naturally, the one I love the most: Mitsouko. At least it doesn't affect my respiratory system, but it does give me contact dermatitis. The last time I spritzed on some Mitsouko (about 3 weeks ago), I broke out in such a severe rash that I still have a mark on my cleavage - that was a big mistake! Somehow I thought the cleavage would be less sensitive than the inside of my elbows.

    My solution to the problem, and this is something I owe to the wonderful Basenotes community, is that I vary my scents daily and only wear Mitsouko when the urge becomes absolutely irresistible. Thanks to the people here, I have explored and discovered many wonderful new scents that I love to wear without having to pay the price of an itchy rash. Plus, I find that wearing scent on my forearms, or other hardier parts of the body can help prevent the dreaded rash.

    I really wonder what the ingredients that cause the problems are, and I fear that one of them may be oakmoss, or something equally wonderful and indespensable (I live for chypres!)

    The orientals don't bother me, which is just great for this time of year. And some florals are fine too.

    All I can recommend, fellow sufferer, is that you experiment and find the fragrances that don't cause you grief. :-*

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    Default Re: The allergy prone perfume lover

    Oh I so love oakmoss and the chypres........I'd hate to think they would cause problems!

    I just started wearing Jungle L'Elephant as of Saturday and my eyes have been swelling and teary. I'm hoping this is just temporary!! This is my favorite new fragrance

    I'll do as you say and alternate a bit.....see what happens. Hopefully it's just a fluke.

    Ya know, I hear so much about banning everything from fragrance to smoking to balloons .... it is really kind of scary when I stop and think about it. I hate to think life is just going to be one big act of legislation. Sad.

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    Default Re: The allergy prone perfume lover

    I have a very sensitive nose... Always nasal blockages...
    I rest my head on top of two pillows stacked together. Or else my nose will get clogged up...

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    Default Re: The allergy prone perfume lover

    no avon scent has adversely affected me
    neither has mitsouko made me sneeze

    what are some ones in your collection that
    provoke allergies?
    that would be great information for me


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