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    Default Happy - Holiday by Clinique

    Anyone ever smell it?
    I bought a bottle of this special edition for myself as a xmas gift and loved it, I had toyed with the Happy perfume for years, never deciding to buy it or not, sometimes it smelled too much like an orange sherbert, some other times it smelled like your run-of-the-mill citrusy fragrance, but Happy Holiday, man! it's great! The saleswoman told me it was a much more concentrated version of Happy, and she was right, that was all it needed for me to buy it. I was sold.
    So along came xmas day, I opened my presents, and sprayed it on me as quickly as thunder, low and behold, even my mum liked it, and she never likes what I like perfume-wise, hehehehe...

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    Default Re: Happy - Holiday by Clinique

    I was under the impression that it was the same ol' Happy only w/ holiday packaging, lol. Shows how much I know!

    I'm actually a BIG fan of the men's version of Happy. It's a perfect blend of citrus & musk to me. Love it.

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