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    Default Minty fresh aargh

    My sotd today unfortunately is Temps d'Une Fete by Parfums de Nicolai. In my quest to expand my nose

    I 'm beginning to feel like a 1930's boxer, having taken a few too many punches without the benefit of

    restorative plastic surgery. Mint seems like it could be such a good thing. I like Crest original, afterall.

    I still have Extract de Songes which although I cannot spell, I remember having a mint note. Temps d'Une

    Fete sent me to my Gain laundry powder, surely not! but it made me sneeze at the exact same freguency.
    Please, spritz responsibly.
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    Default Re: Minty fresh aargh

    Mint can be tricky. We have a tiny bottle of McCormick mint extract in the house that Mr. Timberwolf used to soak toothpicks in -- somebody told him that chewing on those toothpicks works while trying to quit smoking. Na-ha! He is still smoking the way he was, and I was experimenting with mint flavored cookies these last two weeks: they tasted atrocious, Listerine-like, even the dog would sneeze on them.

    I cannot wear Guerlain's AA Mentafolia either due to this same reason, although I love Gres Grain de Folie minty middle during the dog days of summer. There is a mint out there for you too, Shycat, I am sure!

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