So I got a chance to try this about a week ago, but haven't had a chance to really talk about till now.

The original Amarige wasn't definately not a favorite of mine, and had a weird after-scent that just turned me off. The only way I could describe it as an "inky" scent, though not exactly like that. Nothing really putrid, but just weird and makes me stop in my tracks when I smell it simply because and ex-girlfriend of mine also had that "inky" scent, though probably wasn't wearing this scent.

On to the Harvest Collection. I like it, I really do, but I certainly would never wear it. It's like Amarige, but a little bit stronger and sweeter and mellow, but with a touch more jasmine scent. It really does smell like a turned up Chanel No 5 for the most part, and even though the blend is quite nice, I mainly get the jasmine. I feel as if the overal blend is very smooth, and almost like a good milkshake, not too strong or too thick, just right. There is one caution I must add, however, this stuff CAN be potent, depending on the number of sprays. I can tell whenever at work someone is showing off this scent because I smell it even ten or twenty feet away. So be careful of application on this one!

Overall, I give it approval, but it really doesn't feel all that groundbreaking. It really touches on Chanel's ground instead of treading it's own. If that's what you want, or if you find something else in that can rev you up, than by all means get it. For everyone else, test a couple times before buying.