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    Default What do you think of Salvador Dali

    Hello ladies,

    it's me from the male discussion. It's my first time over here so play nice

    I was just wondering what you all thought of Salvador Dali Pour Homme by Salvador Dali.

    I'm interested in this dark fragrance yet I'm not sure how it would sit with my female friends.

    Thanks girls!

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    Default Re: What do you think of Salvador Dali

    I don't remember Salvador Dali pour Homme enough to comment.
    But I used to love the original Salvador Dali for women from the '80s, a fantastic chypre. It's getting harder and harder to find in regular stores.

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    Default Re: What do you think of Salvador Dali

    I haven't really smell it for a long time, but I remember that I loved it. You described it exactly like I would do - dark fragrance.

    When I remember Dali pour Homme, I always have Nick Cave in my mind sitting in dark bar, surronded with a smoke of cigarettes.

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