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    Default Best Recent Discovery?

    I sampled Daim Blond by Serge Lutens. Wow, what a great leather! I love it. It's beautiful smooth kid leather (supposed to be suede, but I don't get an olfactory memory from suede); light, not heavy; long lasting with moderate sillage. Feminine and provocative.
    I had an unhappy experience with Cuir De Russie by Chanel this summer. It smelled like cow patties on my skin, with a taunting ultra-sexy note in the background. Very frustrating.

    I have a real black and white relationship with the Lutens fragrances. I either love or hate them. This one I love!

    Another good discovery last week - a great outdoor winter scent: Splash Forte by IUNX. Before trying this I would have said an outdoor winter fragrance should not have powder. And as a rule I think that's correct. But Splash Forte is an exception. On me it dries down to a powdered spiciness that is surprisingly warming and inviting outdoors. With the name 'splash' in it I wasn't expecting powder at all. But it had a comforting spicy pillowyness I found appealing in the nippy air - in the winter there are no green, earth or floral notes outside, and for some reason this plays well against the cold ozonic air quality. I think this would be delightful skiing, as it really does smell 'warming' and would serve to keep you feeling toasty.
    I put it on my neck at the edge of my turtleneck so it kept wafting up to me whenever I moved my head while flying to town - because my plane has such a lousy heater, it made the flight seem 'warmer'.
    I had tried Spezie and Piper Nigrum by Lorenzo Villoresi, two favorites of mine, but they didn't do as well in the cold. Spezie became thin, and the wonderful Piper Nigrum drydown seemed 'wrong'.

    Anybody else have lucky finds?


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    <nodding in recognition> I trekked through London, months ago, in the rain and the rush hour, to try Chanel Cuir de Russie and Bois des Isles. They were unutterably disturbing on me., and not in a good way.
    I remain bewitched by Lipstick Rose - gorgoeus, warm, feminine and gets me so many smiles and compliments wherever I go.

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    Default Re: Best Recent Discovery?

    Diptyque's L'Ombre dans L'Eau (translates to Shadow on the Water)

    I wanted to get frag samples from Aedes, so purchased an over-priced bar of soap to get the samples included, rather than pay for them alone. Figured the L'Ombre dans L'Eau soap might be okay since the scent is rated highly at I hardly remember what the sample vials had in them, but after a few showers, I got hooked on the soap. I then sampled the juice itself; that cinched it. This scent is from the natural world, not some glam garden. There are leaves and that hint of black currant. It is so easy-going, but not at all in a cheap way. I often hang with some real tree-huggers, and I think this is the frag I will wear around them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hebe
    I remain bewitched by Lipstick Rose - gorgoeus, warm, feminine and gets me so many smiles and compliments wherever I go.
    Yes, what is it about that fragrance? I have problems with florals but Lipstick Rose is nice, easy to wear, feminine and pleasing. And it really does smell like lipstick. I'm considering buying a bottle of that one.

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    The most irresistable one that I've found lately, is Yves Rocher Neonatura Cocoon. It's a delicious patchouli scent with cocoa and vanilla. It dries down to a warm skin scent. This is turning out to be one of my favourite fragrances.

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    I loved the beginning and middles notes of Daim Blond then it just turned into apricot jam on me. Cuir de Russie works so much better for me. No cow pats in sight. LOL

    The edp verison of Eau de Charlotte is so different from the edt which I had sampled before. It was love at first sniff. And Cedre that stew like mix of woods with the tuberose.

    Just receieved a sample of the SMN Peau d'Epagne extract and it is amazing!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by donna255
    I loved the beginning and middles notes of Daim Blond then it just turned into apricot jam on me. Cuir de Russie works so much better for me. No cow pats in sight. LOL
    Just receieved a sample of the SMN Peau d'Epagne extract and it is amazing!!!!!!
    LOL - Donna, I think you and I could be swapmates. I also got a sample of SMN Peau d'Espagne along with the Daim Blond sample, and I could barely get through the opening and top-middle notes. While I found PdE to be a veritable brew of notes coming at me so quickly I couldn't sort them out, which was a neat experience, it ended up equalling a suspiciously similar note to Listerine, which I've avoided all my life (for those in another country, Listerine is a strongly medicinal mouthwash).
    It was amazing, but what I started thinking was..."Is this what leather smells like in Spain? ".

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    Just got a decant of L'Heure Bleue. Didn't care at all for the intial blast (too much like Apres L'Ondee for me), but it quickly settled down into something timeless and simply wonderful.

    Recently also got a decant of Fresh Index Patchouli Pure, which I'm also really enjoying. Very woody but not in a headshop way; warm and dry at the same time.

    SL's Mechant Loup has had a very powerful, somewhat stunning effect on me (I posted about this in the men's forum, something about time/space travel). I'm not sure how much I'll wear this, but I have to have it around me.

    Blv Notte is a nice autumn fragrance, with its dark chocolate, vodka, ginger notes. It's light enough to wear anywhere, which is also a plus.

    But my favorite recent discovery was last month when I found Mitsouko. I smelled it at the department store and knew immediately it was love. What a gorgeous, glorious perfume. I haven't felt this way about a fragrance in a very, very long time.

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    Default Re: Best Recent Discovery?

    My best recent discovery is the Fresh Vanilla fragrance from Bath & Body Works!!! I've noticed that when I shower w/ the Fresh Vanilla shower gel & then put certain frags on over it, it REALLY takes the frag to new depths!!! One that it works GREAT w/ is actually CKbe! The end product is a light musky vanilla that just smells FABULOUS!
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    Default Re: Best Recent Discovery?

    I have to agree on the Daim Blond. I was also wowed by Yang by Jacques Fath, so far my favorite take on tea, even ahead of Tea for Two.

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    Default Re: Best Recent Discovery?

    I've recently discovered La maison de la Vanille fragrances, I tried some of them on to kill the time before taking my train home from university, but I suspected it could be too *childish*. Mistake! They are full bodied fragrances, very different one to another! I've bought Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar and planning to buy another one soon...

    The second fragrance I didn't think I could like is Valentino V, I was sure it could be too much of an *old style* fragrance for me, but when the SA insisted to make me try it, I liked it very much! i think it'll be one of the next purchase!

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    Default Re: Best Recent Discovery?

    Mine would be Eau du Fier which I bought in June. Haven't worn it much but lately it has been calling me and I've enjoyed wearing it very much. Excellent office scent!
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    Default Re: Best Recent Discovery?

    My recent "discovery" is vintage scents, great fragrances, classics. Buying on ebay is a joy! Most recent buy is Capricci

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    Default Re: Best Recent Discovery?

    Jour de Fête

    It sort of tricked me into seduction on the second impression. I got it as an extra sample togehter with some other L´Artisans. I wore it a few times and found it beautiful and quite excentric but in an understated way. I was then blown away with all the other samples, so it didn´t appeare on my "got to get-list". Then just recently I picked up a sweater I had been using one day when I wore JdF, and funnily enough it smelled so much "me" it was like I had been using this scent for ages. Weird. Anyway, I used up my sample, and when I was out of it I missed it so much even tried to achieve a recemblance by combining Bois Farine with a sprinkle of Loukhoum. It is now the first priority on my list over fragrances to get.

    I have always had a thing for almonds, which seems to be a love-or-can´t-stand-ingredient. Also, almond seems to be one of these notes that can balance vanilla in a good way on my skin. In other scents with vanilla this note tend to take over on me. For instance, I love Dune on others; I´ve always wanted to be able to wear it but on me, sadly, it turns to pure vanilla. JdF also has the wheat and, I think maybe blond woods (at least I get a lot of woods from it...) to prevent it from becomming all candy-like, and to give it elegance and to add a touch of seriousness to the celebrations.

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    Default Re: Best Recent Discovery?

    I just tried the newest Montale - Black Aoud and must say I was very taken with it. It has a gorgeous dark rose heart with an interesting Oud startup. I always have to take Oud fragrance by fragrance. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't, but it's a winner in this one. What a beauty!

    The ebay seller didn't know the notes - she said it was too new, but it bowled me over. She called it a gorgeous dark leather rose. I call it my answer to Voleur De Roses, which broke my heart when it didn't work on my skin. TMN this one smells reminiscent of a cross between VDR and Opone.

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    My best recent discovery is Flower by Kenzo Oriental. I used a sample for four days consecutively and then got a bottle. I love the wood notes, incense and soft powderiness. It is truly a comfort scent. It does not have much lasting power, about 4 hours maybe. It stays very close to the skin.

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    Default Re: Best Recent Discovery?

    Blu Notte was the last commercial scent that really caught my attention. It is indeed very nice and very wearable. 8-)

    Royal bain de Caron was a surprise since I never expected to like another Caron ( only Bellodgia , Nocturnes and Parfum Sacre suit me , alas) *, much less a fruity one ( I have problem with fruity). But this is young and fresh and sparkling , but with the essential depth to make it sophisticated and complex.

    But what amazed me was when I sampled for the first time Yves Rocher's Pur desir de Gardenia : an inexpensive effusive gardenia scent that really does smell like the real flowers. How could they make this possible on a budget I don't know , but since gardenias don't yield their precious scent anyway , I guess it's doable....Really surprised and pleased by this discovery , especially since I am expecting a bottle of it soon. *

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    Default Re: Best Recent Discovery?

    how does an ETAILER get good enough to rate right up there? sonoma scent studio tabac pour homme---has the strength and staying power i like...and a lovely deep tobacco
    made enough money to buy miami but i pissed it away so fast (jimmy buffett) on perfume (my daughter's addition)

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    Default Re: Best Recent Discovery?

    Sniffed Daim Blond as well, though only on a strip. Overwhelmingly nice - I don't know how else to describe it. I'm considering a bottle.

    And I just picked up a full 100ml Musc Ravageur. Grew on me very, very quickly, but it's only wearable in cool weather.

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