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Thread: Clean scents

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    Default Clean scents

    I love clean scents. Are there any new ones out there that I don't know about?

    I have the following that I wear when for my clean fragrances,

    Clnique happy
    Alfred Sung Mei
    Paul Sabastian Casual

    I also love freesia and musk scents but can't find freesia anymore.

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Narciso Rodriguez For Her?
    Armani Sensi?
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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Lacoste Pour femme
    Inis (not sure where you buy it - I get it from the irish shop here in London)

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Anything but the Clean eponymous line..... >

    My recs:

    Narciso (heaven!)
    Allysha Ashley White musk (slightly soapy)
    SL Clair de Musc (high end musk)
    TBS Beleaf (light and inexpensive)
    Cashmere Mist ( clean-powdery)
    RL Blue (again slightly soapy)
    L'artisan Passage d'enfer ( I swear , people mistake it for lotion/soap on me)
    CH 212 (clean white musk in drydown , icy top)

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Marc Jacobs Blush is clean and fresh due to an air accord note.
    The new Escada has this too.

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Seattle Rain and Fairy Wings from Goth Rosary. Have not test-driven sample strips yet but initial sniffs are interesting.

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Carriere is very clean-smelling

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Body by Victoria
    Gucci Rush II
    2nd the Carierre

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    i like calyx. smells like apples.

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    For cleanest, I'd have to cast my vote for Common Scents Egyptian Musk, which I almost always blend in daily with whatever I'm wearing. It's probably a no-no, but it works for me and adds a "clean" note. I frequently wear it to bed all by itself.
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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Té by Creative Universe is incredibly clean.
    Eau de Patou- although admittedly more difficult to find these days.
    Leilani- Child knockoff from Scentsational of Huntington is very clean on me.
    Creature d'Anges is an interestingly clean, soft Oriental (and the price is great.)
    Fleur de Citronnier by S. Lutens- if applied lightly- reminds me of the cleanest soap and water feeling.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    The fragrances by Clean are very clean-smelling. Clean, Ultimate Clean, Clean Provence and Baby Girl

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    I really enjoy that smell of stepping out of the shower smellng clean and pleasantly soapy. That's what these fragrances do:

    Vervain Olive Leaf (Voluspa) - fresh, clean, soapy
    Helmut Lang - soapy clean
    Destiny (Marilyn Migler) - clean
    Jessical McClintock - soapy clean
    Glow (J Lo) - soapy clean [Don't hate me on this one! It's actually pretty nice]
    Cologne (Thierry Mugler) - soapy fresh

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Second Carriere and Clair de Musc good as well....although not in warm weather as it's a bit too thick for that. Carriere always. Love that one.

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Eau Savage - Christian Dior
    White Linen - Estee Lauder
    Violet Moss - Fresh/Index
    Egyptian Musk - Auric Blends
    Vetiver - Guerlain
    Pour Un Homme - Caron
    4711 Cologne

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    You have also:

    - Cotton Musk, Lily Prune collection by Ulric de Varens - Freesia, musk, lavender
    - White linen, Estée Lauder
    - Sicily, Dolce & Gabbana

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    My clean fragrances are :-

    Helmut Lang EDP.
    Emporio Armani White.
    Lagniappe Oaks Victorian Lace.

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Definitely White Linen (and especially the Ltd Ed eau de toilette)
    Un Jardin sur le Nil (Hermes)
    JLo Glow

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Would also recommend many of The Body Shop fragrance oils and core fragrance ranges:

    Japanese Musk - extremely 'clean' musk gorgeous with a just got out of the shower freshness but still soft and feminine.
    All TBS musks - they make all their musks clean and light but still amazing! Have you tried the White Musk oil?
    Passionflower - light fresh floral almost not there but smells delicate & feminine. Skin but better!
    Tobacco flower - rare discontinued but nice light clean smell. I fully intend to live in this come summer if we get some here in Scotland).
    Favourite (Winter) Crazy Combos

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Hi there! I'm new here but I still wanted to make some recs.

    I've heard Thierry Mugler's Cologne is a very clean scent.

    Also 2nd the Lacoste Pour femme, Body By Victoria, & Clean Perfume fragrance line.

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Serge Lutens Clair de Musc
    Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT

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    Default Re: Clean scents

    Quote Originally Posted by moondeva
    Would also recommend many of The Body Shop fragrance oils and core fragrance ranges:

    Japanese Musk - extremely 'clean' musk gorgeous with a just got out of the shower freshness but still soft and feminine.
    All TBS musks - they make all their musks clean and light but still amazing!
    Not TBS's Rose Musk- it's powdery, soft, a dark rose, but definitely not clean ;D

    I second Creature D'Anges and third Lacoste pour femme.

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