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    Default News: A little info about the next Kenzo.


    Parfums Kenzo to launch second pillar fragrance in 2006

    Parfums Kenzo (LVMH) is preparing to launch a major new women’s fragrance in September next year, which the brand hopes will become its second pillar after the FlowerbyKenzo line. “We are launching a new fragrance, but will in no way abandon Flower,” Parfums Kenzo travel retail manager Europe/Asia Paul Tager reassures. “It will still remain the focus of the brand.” FlowerbyKenzo will continue to be supported with a new ad campaign during the first half of 2006, featuring three visuals each illustrating the interpretation of the fragrance by a contemporary artist.

    Other brand projects for next year include a limited edition in the L’EauparKenzo line called Love l’Eau, and a new summer fragrance, now set to be an annual event. “Summer fragrances have become an important part of the market and our first summer edition [in 2004] worked very well, accounting for around 5% of the sales of the Flower line,” Tager says.

    The brand will also unveil a new version of its Ryoko fragrance line for travel retail. Its computer-mouse shaped bottles will come in white and the line has been reduced from six to four fragrances. Special merchandising units designed to stimulate impulse purchases will be placed beside store cash registers. The colored version of the Ryoko line will be launched on the domestic market in 2006.

    The Kenzoki skincare line will see three new additions: a serum for the face and two cleansers. The brand also intends to focus on three existing star products, Vital Ice Cream, Cream with a Sheen and Cosmic Cosmetic Cream, to better facilitate consumer understanding of the range.

    Oonagh Phillips

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    Default Re: News: A little info about the next Kenzo.

    I'm really curious to smell the comming novelty and see the design of the bottle and packaging!
    Ryoko is nice, saw it at the airport. It looks like little gadget. Very contemorary design.
    Check this out.


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