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    Default Avon (mark) Karmala

    I gave Karmala a good test yesterday evening, and must say I have a new favorite among the Avon scents. The notes listed for Karmala are:

    Turkish myrrh
    clover leaf
    Tahitian candole flower
    white heliotrope
    white pepper
    pink cassis

    I posted somewhere recently that this reminds me of Susanne Lang Cashmere, and it does. It is softer, though, and a touch more floral in character. This is by no means a revolutionary scent, but, unlike most of the Avon offerings, it does not have that overbearing, perfumey thing going on. It is whisper-soft, and I could barely detect it on my skin after a couple of hours, so lasting quality is not exceptional. Worth a try, though, in my opinion. Ask your Avon rep for a sample!

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    Default Re: Avon (mark) Karmala

    Sounding like a broken record again.... I think (hope) that I have a Susanne Lang Cashmere sample so I'll give it a test. *The Karmala sounds very interesting though I've always had a problem with the Avon fragrances released in probably the last 10 years -- something about the drydown in all of them, though the early development is usually fabulous.

    I had to smile at your "ask your Avon rep for a sample" comment, RedRazz. *I've moved so I don't know of an Avon rep in this area yet, but the one I had for the last 9 years NEVER gave samples of ANYTHING! *I would always have to order and then, if whatever (including perfume) didn't work, she would take them back so I could exchange for something else. *That's so frustrating, especially since I would have to wait 2 weeks for my order in the first place and then 2 more if I exchanged, and so I finally just stopped ordering Avon completely. That's the main reason I haven't ordered African Shea Butter -- will have to go online for that!

    Thanks for the info on Karmala! *[smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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    Default Re: Avon (mark) Karmala

    Ladylonestar, samples of Karmala and African Shea Butter will be winging their way to you very soon!

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    Default Re: Avon (mark) Karmala

    Oh, wow, RedRazz! MANY THANKS! [smiley=kiss.gif] [smiley=kiss.gif] [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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    Default Re: Avon (mark) Karmala - What about the new one?

    Hello, has anyone tried the new Avon fragrance called Extraordinary? I'm so curious about it... It says that it's "Luxurious. Indulgent. Unexpected. A sumptuous floral oriental laced with the sparkle of champagne and the richness of chocolate truffles" MMMMM Chocolate Truffles? they've got my attention... But what does everyone else say? Any comments would be greatly appreciated...
    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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    Default Re: Avon (mark) Karmala

    I've got Extraordinary. A commercial scent, yes but still with a hint of originality. It does smell of chocolate in the topnotes. I don't really smell champagne but there is indeed something sparkeling in it. Overall it's a nice easy to wear floriental, you can wear it at work without fear. I only wish it would last a bit longer; Extraordinary is an edp but with the strengh of an edt.

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    Default Re: Avon (mark) Karmala

    Hello again cedriceccentric,

    Thank you so much for your reply and your suggestion. I was wondering if you would know, I hear that Extraordinary is slightly reminiscent of Coco Mademoiselle. Is that at all true? Thanks again!
    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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    Default Re: Avon (mark) Karmala

    Extraordinary is closer imho to J'Adore and Celine Dion.

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    Default Re: Avon (mark) Karmala

    Ahhh well then, thank you very much for that information. I guess at that rate I have nothing to look for there in that case. J'Adore is terrible on me! So Extraordinary would most likely be too!
    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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