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    Default MPG Ambre Precieux!

    I just think this is wonderful!! Does anybody else think so? Maybe I haven't given Ambre Sultan enough of a chance....or does this one seem a little lighter? I've never SPRAYED Ambre Sultan. Anyway........I'm loving this one. :

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    Default Re: MPG Ambre Precieux!

    I love it, too. I don't think Ambre Precieux is "lighter" than Ambre Sultan so much as it's different from Ambre Sultan, though it may have a lighter *feel* to it. Ambre Sultan, to my nose, is far more spicy and exotic.

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    Default Re: MPG Ambre Precieux!

    Well..........I've never had enough to "spray". Maybe that makes a difference. Have not been swept away by Ambre Sultan YET! :-/ BUT>.........I've done an about face BEFORE!

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    Default Re: MPG Ambre Precieux!

    Glo, I don't think you are going to like Amber Sultan no matter how you sniff/spray it. It just doesn't work for everybody, even amber lovers like us.

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    Default Re: MPG Ambre Precieux!

    Another [smiley=thumbup.gif] from me. Soft and easy-to-wear amber scent, suitable for the office, too.
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    Default Re: MPG Ambre Precieux!

    There are several great ambers out there, but Precieux occupies a plane above them all as far as I'm concerned. *the woods in this one wear like a dream. Laporte outdid himself.

    Ambre Sultan is heavier, darker and a tad animalic. *It's a pleasure to wear, just not in the same fashion as AP me thinks.............

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    Default Re: MPG Ambre Precieux!

    You (the collective "you&quot inspired me to visit my husband's stash and put MPG Ambre Precieux on one hand and MPG Santal Noble on the other. Such quality is evident in these juices. But, oh, the sandalwood woos me over the amber. I wonder if Mr. Quarry will notice if I pilfer some more Santal.
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    Default Re: MPG Ambre Precieux!

    Ambre Sultan is my favorite Ambre; it has this exotic and spicy facet that I’ve yet to come across with any other Amber fragrance. Ambre Precieux is soft, warm, and powdery, but it also has this unique slightly sour accord. Ambre Precieux is much more wearable and, dare I say, more comforting, but Ambre Sultan is much more interesting. They each have their time and place.

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    Default Re: MPG Ambre Precieux!

    Ambre Precieux is my favourite amber fragrance. Very elegant. Golden and light. I find Ambre Sultan flat and muddy.

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    Default Re: MPG Ambre Precieux!

    Another AP fan here

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