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    Default Looking for a special scent

    I am in search of "the scent". With so many on offer on the marketplace, I do not really know where to look. I don't want a high street scent, i want something special (alas not custom -made, my finances will not go that far...). I want something different as everytime I find a signature scent, one of my friend decides that they want it too - I know that somewhere it is a compliment, but the animal in me wants its territorial scent. In the past I have liked Shalimar, Classic Gaultier, Coco Mademoiselle. Thought I would like Bois de VAnille by Luytens but it is too woody for me, too bitter. I don't like synthetic smells. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Looking for a special scent

    If you like sweet smelling Orientals and want something that not everybody else has, try:

    Fluer Oriental (Miller Harris)
    Fluer d'Oranger (Lutens) - I am suggesting this one because it has a sweet orange blossom note with Gautier also has, you may like it although it is more on the floral side - but it's a sweet and warm floral!
    Lipstick Rose (Editions de Parfum - Frederick Malle) - this is quite similar to Gautier but richer and sweeter
    Prada (It is similar in some ways to Coco Madmoiselle in my opinion, but is darker)
    Habanita (this is more leathery than Shalimar but has a lot of similar qualities - such as the sweetness and powderiness)

    These are all perfumes that contain synthetics, if you are looking for purely natural perfumes, try:
    Cabaret (Quinta Essentia) - a sweet, vanilla-amber and powdery rosy scent, reminiscent of the Rahat Loukum confection (Turkish Delight)
    Second Self (Dragonfly Aromatics) - a beautiful and soft oriental
    You may also visit this directory of natural perfumers to find more natural perfumeries:

    On another note, you can also keep your scent a secret from your friends so they don't go and get it right away...

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    Default Re: Looking for a special scent

    Start swimming away from the mainstream and try less-commonly worn frags from boutique sources. These shops have sampling programs:

    There are also perfumers from whom you can buy directly, such as these (plus others):

    Look at the reviews at and here at basenotes for further guidance with regard to your preferences. Enjoy the process. As my husband always reminds me: Remember, half the fun is getting there!
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