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    Default White Shoulders

    I have started wearing White Shoulders, again, after many years of forgetting it even exsisted.
    As I was searching on-line for good prices, I see that there are 2 White Shoulders-one by Elizabeth Arden, one by Evyan.

    Since I can read the tag on the old bottle I have at home-which one is the most common?
    What are the differences between the 2??

    Thanks in advance

    Confused in CA

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    Default Re: White Shoulders

    White Shoulders was introduced by Evyan in 1935. You can reference the history of a number of fragrances at (written by author Jan Moran). Just look up the product as though you're shopping.

    A bit of trivia: One of the few references I remember to fragrance on TV is from "That '70s Show." White Shoulders is the favorite fragrance of the character Donna.
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    Now you're talking about My First Great Love as far as perfumes go. Parfums International took over the White Shoulders formula when Evyan shut down. Then PI sold out to Elizabeth Arden.

    When Evyan caved, White Shoulders took on the scent of Clove Overkill as well as too much of whatever else that makes it smell strangely synthetic. To me, it smells cheap now. :'( :'( Evyan's White Shoulders Parfum is readily accessible on eBay, and I buy copious amounts of the parfum because of its fair price. It seems to be becoming more and more scarce. Be careful if you do, though, and check with the seller to make sure it's made by Evyan.
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    Default Re: White Shoulders

    Although I've never tried the EA version, I can vouch that the Evyan version is absolutely wonderful!!

    Fufu, I was sort of thinking of trying to get some parfum off ebay, but I am still having trouble telling which one is the real deal. Do you have the name of a vendor you usually buy it from, or something like that?

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    Fish and gang, here's a link as to what the real deal looks like. This is the parfum BTW.
    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." -- Mae West

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    Oh Lonefish, I forgot to add that I don't buy from any particular vendor. I usually do a search for "Evyan" or "Evyan White Shoulders" on eBay and up pop the items. I always check out the reviews of the seller before I buy anything, too.
    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." -- Mae West

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    Default Re: White Shoulders

    Fufu! Oh, what memories! I went through many of those bottles of White Shoulders. :'(

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    Default Re: White Shoulders

    would this be suitable for a young lady of 25? she is quite "girly". also, would this make a safe blind purchase?

    p.s. my favorite roadside sign is "soft shoulder".
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    Does anyone know who bought the Most Precious Perfume line when Evyan went under??

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    Default Re: White Shoulders

    NewOldGlassCompany, I haven't seen Most Precious anywhere except in the vintage Evyan versions sold on ebay.

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    Default Re: White Shoulders

    Thanks, I have quite a few of the Original bottle from Evyan (like my Avatar) and was trying to find out if someone bought the trademark, it would be great to have the scent repacked in the original bottle from the 1940's.

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    Default Re: White Shoulders

    I had this bottle of Most Prcious in the 80s...

    It had an interesting tarragon note. I really liked it as a change from White Shoulders, which I also wore.

    A few years ago I bought a vintage Evyan coffret of three bottles that looked like this....

    ...containing White Shoulders, Great Lady, and Most Precious. And there was a parfum mini of White Shoulders. I can't wear them, even though they are in very good condition. I just like having them as nostalgia items.

    As to your question, I think you'll have to look for vintage on ebay or wherever vintage fragrances are sold. Good luck! The bottles are nice.
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    Thanks for the pics and infoLargeBottleStill (1).jpg!! The bottles I have are the original glass topper bottles from the late 1940's

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    Default Re: White Shoulders

    My pleasure! I don't blame you for wanting to fill those. Maybe you should have them filled with something nice at Caron! Just a thought.

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