Does anyone remember purchasing or wearing Septieme Sens the first time around in the 70's? I know it was discontinued, but I recall that it was described as a "fruity-floral-animalic chypre."
I recently purchased an old bottle off a Canadian site & just fell in love with it. I think Septieme Sens it is what "Countess Helena" was trying to be, but doesn't quite get there 100%.
Laren Stover mentions Septieme Sens in both her "Bombshell" & "Bohemian Manifesto" books, and that was what initially made me curious.
Every time I dab it on, I wonder how it could have suddenly hit such a low level of unpopularity. The fruity undertone of "Septieme Sens" (plum, from what my nose tells me) calls to mind the first time I sampled Guerlain's "Parure" in 1975.