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    Default Just wanted to introduce myself

    Hello everyone!! I'm new here, first day. I am a female from Toronto and I love perfume. Acquired a serious interest in perfume about 3 years ago when I received a beautiful bottle of "Wish" as a gift. I"m not particularly fond of it, but it started me on my perfume journey. I own and love Coco, #19, Stella, Mitsouko Diorissimo, Les Belles de Ricci (lime bottle, pink cap) LaCoste pour Femme, My Griffe and a few Yves Roches.
    Actually the #19 is a recent acquisition, and the jury is still out on that one. Maybe a bit too much leather in the drydown for my taste, and not one compliment yet.
    I also have a bottl4e of Panthere EDP, which I destest. It was a gift. I won't even spray the bathroom with it. The bottle is nice though

    Glad to be here

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    Default Re: Just wanted to introduce myself

    Hey Tonkabean,

    Welcome to Basenotes! What a lovely and diverse selection of scents you have acquired in just a few years - great taste in my humble opinion. So glad you decided to join the B'Notes forum, but BEWARE, it is habit forming and highly addictive. Enjoy!

    JAG ;D

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    Default Re: Just wanted to introduce myself

    Greetings, Tonkabean, and welcome to Basenotes!

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    Default Re: Just wanted to introduce myself

    Welcome, Tonkabean!

    What concentration # 19 do you have? EDP is becoming harder and harder to come by here in the USA, please hold on to it and treasure. It is just superb in the colder weather. EDT is not just a different concentration, it is slightly different concept altogether, IMHO.

    So, are you fond of how tonkabean smells in perfumes? Which ones? Like LouLou? Give it a try if you are not familiar with it, for me it is just what tonkabean is all about. ;D

    Glad to see you have joined and please post often.

    Currently wearing: Omnia Paraiba by Bulgari

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    Default Re: Just wanted to introduce myself

    Greetings & Welcome!

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    Default Re: Just wanted to introduce myself

    Tonkabean, glad to have you join us! Hide those charge cards. Now.

    I'm a great fan of Coco and Stella, too. So many scents, such little time! :
    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." -- Mae West

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