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    i'm too embarassed to ask anyone but you guys: how do you pronounce hanae mori?

    i have heard it pronounced hah-nah mor-ay and also hah-nah mor-ee.

    i once read somewhere that all vowels in japanese are pronounced, is this true? if so, would it be hah-nah-eh mor-ee?


    ps, does anyone else have pronunciation questions? i pretty much order everything online so i have been spared the shame of either silently pointing or mumbling. but i'd still like to know how to say things properly! ;D

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    I really don't know for sure but I found out today that I've been pronouncing chypre wrong :-X
    I've been saying sheep.
    But, today I was corrected and told it is it's sheepr' 'uh' sound on the end,
    the stress is on shee.
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    Default Re: how to pronounce ...

    Jeez, I have my own private vocabulary going on. Once you get past the mainstream department store perfumes, correct pronunciation of the many of scents and, oftentimes, brands either requires advanced courses in several languages or you need to be gifted. Add a severe southern twang to my already garbled attempt, well, let's just say, it ain't too pretty! I just give it my best shot and carry on.


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    Default Re: how to pronounce ...

    This is REALLY helpful!

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    You know what? *Who cares...I almost always get corrected at a depertment store (when I used to go) for asking for whatever fragrance and you know, I just say to them look we're in America we speak English and if it offends you that I say the name wrong....tough shi.t! *How do you pronounce $$$? *I absolutely hate it when people correct you for things like that. *If I wanted to know I would ask, and if you do correct me at least have the dignity to be coy or humble. *They might as well ask "Are you a moron?" *I have a job that allows me to have the money to pay for the stuff behind your counter that needs no real expertise or an advanced level of education to run and you have the gall to correct me. *It all depends on the attitude of the person when they do it and their way of approaching you.
    *I used to get that all the time when I ordered a gyro on the west coast...infuriated the hell out of me. *And then when I moved to the east coast I went into a greek diner and thought I would not embarass myself and I pronounced gyro (Yeero) the way every other non-greek idiot told me how to say it. They said "You mean gyro?" *: *I just laughed because obviously english speaking greeks pronounce it with an english dialect. *When you go to a taco bell or some place like that do you pronounce that stuff correctly? *Do you roll your R's?
    Do you pronounce most foreign words correctly?...probably not and if they (meaning the snobby know-it-alls) don't like it they can go set up shop where the customers have the correct pronunciation. *I'll get it somewhere else.
    Sorry. went off on this stuff but man it just pisses em off big time.

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