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Thread: Jour de Fete

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    Anyone familiar with this scent from L'Artisan?

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    I have this one, very fond of it. Quite a simple smell - vanilla, almonds and something green (wheat, I think). The alcohol is quite strong for the first few minutes, it almost drowns the sugared almonds out, but then fades quickly. The vanilla hangs around for ages. My partner loves this on me, but hates almonds. This is not an amaretto-type almond. I like that I can wear plenty of it and it doesn't intrude. Except for one memorable meeting, when a puff of sugared almond seemed to appear from nowhere and the other person stopped talking and smiled at me. It's a good comfort scent, and good for when I just want something simple.

    It seems to be a natural accomplice to Bois Farine, which is less sweet and more fuller bodied. I'd love to layer JdF with something for the cooler winter days, but I'm not sure quite what would go. JdF is very definitely delicate sugared almonds for me, whereas Bois Farine is a rather denser almond croissant.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply. I own a decant of Bois Farine and didn't like it at first sniff. Too massive and dense, but it has grown on me. I wonder if Jour de Fete is suitable for either gender, as far as I know it's listed unisex here at Basenotes, but listed as a feminine scent at

    Of all the L'Artisan's I know at the moment, I think they are all quite easy to be worn by either gender.

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    Don't have anything to add to Hebe's excellent description, really. I like JdF a lot, it's a great comfort scent, on the quiet side, pure and simple milky-almondy-wheaty goodness! ;D
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    Thanks Tigs.

    Dr.C - I don't think it's gender specific, but I think you do have to like the smell of sugared almonds (apologies for stating the obvious). My Grandpop used to give them to my sisters and me when we were little, so the scent brings back lovely memories for me. I was finishing a pack of chocolate-coated cocoa-dusted almonds last night and wondering why there isn't an Artisan for that too.

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