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    Default Suggestions wanted to put together a sample order.

    Okay, you vast variety of noses - I really welcome, appreciate and want, VERY MUCH, your active participation in my quest for greatly-needed answers, opinions, help, advice and suggestions. In a moment I will tell you my favorites. For those of you whom are familiar with a particular-mentioned scent and love it, it should help guide you to providing specificity with names of fragrances I ought to be trying. I believe I have seven choices, so it should be easy for this community!
    I have only one pick, which I got from Vivarium, and that will be on the top of the list: Diptyque Ofresia.

    What I love are similar in middle notes (as I have learned here). I wear either daily or on special occasions the following: Guerlain Jicky, le must de Cartier, Jil Sander #4, (as mentioned, I am replacing Perlier's Nature's One Freesia with the Ofresia), Elariia Musk (Perlier) and looking for an authentic and quite lovely Tuberose.
    When I garden and grow flowers, my stock consists entirely of Casa Blanca lilies, quite fragrant Hybrid Tea Roses, quite fragrant - when I am lucky- Freesias, Hyacinths and Tuberoses. There is a pattern here: a lot of white, sweet and very fragrant.

    I sincerely thank you for your thoughts and input and CAN'T WAIT for your responses.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    Default Re: Suggestions wanted to put together a sample or

    Guerlain Jardins de Bagatelle
    Chanel Allure, Cristalle, # 22
    JPG Fragile
    Michael Kors Michael
    Avon Today
    Carolina Herrera

    and also
    Perry Eliis 360 Degrees
    Shiseido Vocalise
    Lumiere Rochas
    Armand Basi In Red
    Gres Cabotine

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    Default Re: Suggestions wanted to put together a sample or

    I also agree with Michael Kors Michael & Carolina Herrera for tuberose.
    You might also like Michael Kors Island. Chanel Une Fleur.

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    Default Re: Suggestions wanted to put together a sample or

    Hello, fellow sweet floral-lover. My favorites in this category are:
    Serge Lutens' Un Lys
    L'Artisan's La Chasse aux Papillons
    Jo Malone's Orange Blossom

    Drifting toward fruity, there's Chopard's sweet Mira Bai.

    In hot weather, I like Fresh Index Cucumber Baie, which starts out very green, but then moves into a very soft floral.

    I'm going to have to review your list, too, for ideas.
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    Default Re: Suggestions wanted to put together a sample or

    Thanks all you noses out there for your suggestions. I had to stop and search for my sample of Michael Kors Michael. His mom gave me a sample last Christmas and I know I tried it, but it obviously didn't make an impression on me because I can't find the sample - but I did find some things I didn't even realize I had!
    I found an empty bottle of Poison, and now remember going through THAT phase and also remember Sung, A. Sung - and that phase, which was just prior to discovering Freesia. So I'm giving you additional information, aren't I? Since I have a full bottle of some Orange Blossom fragrance, I will avoid that kind of suggestion and stick with the musk, the best tuberose on the planet and incorporate some of your suggestions into a list that I will whittle down to six. I feel a thousand steps behind everybody because you are vets and I'm the new kid on the block. Just know what I love and what I want, don't know what name to attach to it.
    So, again, thanks for taking the time to roll these names off your keyboards and into my line of sight. It's great to have all your input.

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    Default Re: Suggestions wanted to put together a sample or

    I want to apologize to Elysium for for calling you Vivarium.
    This will hopefully make up for ignoring, "What's in a name? *a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", or the unbotched version!

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