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    Default Christmas card scent?

    It may be a bit too early, but dose anyone add scents to your Christmas/Seasons Greeting cards? I do. I understand that the drydown on paper smells interestingly different from the one on our skin (and this is why we need to test drive colognes on our skin before buying it after smellng from sprayed paper. Right?) Three magicians here are oakmoss, patchouli and sandalwood, IMO. They last quite long and actually change in time on paper. When I was at college (in Tokyo), I used to spray Mitsouko on all the greeting cards (for my friends in US) before I put them into an envelope. Mitsouko is a tough one to wear obvisouly, but it's one of the best card fragrances. By the time they open my cards, Mithouko has altered into something very very Japanese. I honestly don't know what it is. It may be the combination of oakmoss and ambergris.... It's a mystery. It truly smells like scented beautiful kimono and oriental-woody incenses. If you're looking for a beautiful Asian scent for your Christmas card this year, I recommend you give Mitsouko a try. You won't regret.... ;D

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    Default Re: Christmas card scent?

    I never done it, but it's a great idea. I don't think I'll do it with every card I send, but there's a few people I think would appreciate it. Thanks for the tip.

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    Default Re: Christmas card scent?

    I would appreciate so much if someone sent me a scented Christmas card. But no one in my family and friends is interested in perfumes as I am But great idea, yes

    If you were to say to the grown-ups: “I saw a beautiful house made of rosy brick, with geraniums in the windows and doves on the roof,” they would not be able to get an idea of that house at all. You have have to say to them: “I saw a house that cost $20,000.” Then they would exclaim: “Oh, what a pretty house that is!”

    (extract from "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

    Think about it...

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    Default Re: Christmas card scent?

    I used Clinique Wrappings last year. I didn't spray directly on the cards, however. What I did is spray a couple of large sheets of tissue wrap paper, and after they dried I cut them the size of the card and tucked them inside. I thought they smelled wonderful -- kind of a dry herb, mossy, floral.

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    Default Re: Christmas card scent?

    I don't do Christmas cards anymore. :-/

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    Default Re: Christmas card scent?

    Love the idea! I think I'll steal it.

    Though I think I'll use non-people perfumes with an evergreen or cinammon-orange tang. (Unless there are people perfumes like this -- do any contain evergreen?)

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    Default Re: Christmas card scent?

    This is a great idea that I never thought about. I'm going to try this out and maybe the spicy Christmas scents like Winter Delice.

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    Default Re: Christmas card scent?

    VV: Great idea for holiday greeting cards.

    Took out my The Goth Rosary samples: Christmas Greedings - "A Classic Commercial Christmas Scent...Pines, fruits and sweets, Over-shopping with tired feets."

    I can almost smell Santa flying down the hill on his Norelco triple-rotary-head shaver. But then you stop and think - is Santa really such a good spokesmodel for an electric shaver?

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    Default Re: Christmas card scent?

    Hehe, funny Veronica!

    How about iPdF Spezie?
    Oh that would be a great one!

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    Default Re: Christmas card scent?

    I think L'Artisan Premier Figuier would also be a great one to use.

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    Default Re: Christmas card scent?

    When I was at college (in Tokyo), I fell in love with Mitsouko at a local fragrance store. Though I knew it was made for women, nothing stopped me from purchasing a flat-shaped (50ml?) EDT bottle. The problem which came up later on was that it was truly one the most difficult fragrances to wear. I tried and treid... People around me asked me why I smelled like "senko" (=Japanese incense). We primarily wear colognes for ourselves, but in my case, probably some positive feedbacks from surrondings were the fuels for my passion for fragrance. I loved its heavenly drydown, but I eventually stopped using Mitsouko (instead, started to use something like fruity-leathery-oriental Antaeus...). The winter comes and it was time to send some seasons greeting cards to my friends overseas. I bought some really Japanese-looking cards and filled them out. Before I closed the envelopes, the lonely-looking Mitsouko bottle on the cabinet caught my eyes, as if it wear asking me "Please wear me!". Next thing I knew. I started to spray Mitsouko on the Christmas cards! I really didn't know what I was doing..... About several weeks passed. I started to receive email and phone calls from my friends overseas (one after another), asking me about the "scented cards". One of them was Ellen, who had been into fragrance a lot and had tons of perfume collections. But even she could not recognize the smell and kept asking me "Is it some kind of new fragrance made in Japan? It smells like a beautiful woman with silky black hair in elegant kimono!". I was truly happy to reveal them my "trick". But I was kind of surprised, too.....


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