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    Osmanthus is a fragrant blossom which smells pleasantly fruity like an apricot. I grew up surrounded by golden osmanthus in Japan (yellow blossoms in Japan as opposed to white ones in China) and even as a man, words really cannot convey how much I love osmanthus. I've tried various different osmanthas-themed fragrances;

    Osmanthus essence oil : Maybe it's because it's too concentrated, but it's very pungent and smells like one of those artificial flowers used in bathroom air freshners. I tried to dilute it but didn't work that well. I had to wait almost a couple days until I finally got a drydown (on my handkerchief), which sort of smells like the osmanthus I like.

    Parfum d'Osmanthus (Ava Luxe) : Very feminine sweet! I can detect Chinese osmanthus used somewhere in there, but the prominent notes are girlish fruitiness of peaches (why peaches, as opposed to apricots?) and unremarkable sweetness of heliotrope. Great as bathroom air freshners or for those who like powdery fruity white-flower fragrances. *

    Fleurs d'Osmanthus (Keiko Mecheri) : Supposed to have Japanese gold osmanthus as its main component. But, where is osmanthus? All you can smell is white datura, tuberose, and maybe a touch of ylang ylang. Very powdery white flowers. This is not an osmanthus fragrance at all, IMO.

    Bois de Santal (Keiko Mecheri) : This is supposed to be one of the sandalwood-themed fragrances Keiko created. but this is not for sandalwood-lovers at all. The top is actually white osmanthus blossoms from China. It almost makes you wonder if Keiko forgot to put sandalwood. It's, however, truely beautiful from an osmanthus standpoint. Slightly fruity like apricots and very elegant. But this beautiful top dissipates quickly, and there appears what seems to be a combination scent of sweaty cumin and very weak sandalwood (well, after all, she didn't forget to put some in, at least). It startes to smell a bit chemical and the dryout is like synthetic/plastic, in comparison to TDC's Osmanthus.

    Osmanthus (Ormonde Jayne) : Probably they put osmanthus somewhere. But the top is full of what I cannot get to like. According to their website, it has pomello, pimento and davana (sweet Egyptian herb) in its top. Well, I have no ideas what they are, but they smell forcifully sweet and artificially fruity. It reminds me of the stucky-sweetness of Un Jardin en Meditterranee (Hermes). White flowers and musk in its middle into last are very unremarkable. *

    Osmanthus (The Different Company) : The top is sort of white-flowerish and powdery, and I was disappointed a bit when I tried it for the first time. It smells like one of those "elegant and powdery" jasmine perfumes, at first sight. But after this top goes away, white osmanthus starts to bloom on your wrist like magic. The exquisite combination of apricot-like fruitiness and flowerish softness is just beautiful and marvelous. It feels as if osmanthus blossoms were blooming on your wrist. Magic done by Ellena!

    Hermessence Osmanthus Yunnan is supposed to be available sometime this month and I cannot wait to smell it! *


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    Default Re: Osmanthus

    What a wonderfully enlightening exposé, VV. Thanks for the education. I do hope you find the osmanthus of your dreams. My husband always reminds me that "half the fun is getting there." However, 100% of the frustration is also experienced during this process. Please keep us all apprised of your quest.
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    Great reviews, I love osmanthus too. My favorite being The Different Company. But I do also like Ormonde Jayne more than you seem to. :O)

    I'm glad to finally find someone else who will agree with me that Keiko Mecheri's Osmanthus is not Osmanthus at all. Mostly I get tuberose.

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    Ormonde Jayne's Osmanthus is not bad as far as osmanthus part is concerned. But the artificially added sweetness/fruitiness reminds me of the figgy stickiness of Un Jardin en Mediteranee, unfortunately. My second choice (with TDC's Osmanthus as my first choice), actually, is Bois de Santal. The top is a beautiful osmanthus and you will love it. The problem is the cumin/sandalwood alters osmanthus fruitiness into something plastic and chemical. Almost like rose wurrounded by cumin in Rose Poivre (TDC), which I just cannot tolerate....


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    Well this is perfect tiiming as I'm ordering a bottle of Bois de Santal for a friend. I didn't think I'd like it due to the sandalwood. Actually I love certain sandalwoods, but most are too dry/woody for me. Now I'm very anxious to try this one.
    Thanks for the tip!

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    Finally got around to reading your great reviews- marvelous! I know osmanthus from the top note in 1000 and from a small amount of osmanthus essentail oil that I have. I do think it's a lovely, apricot-like scent, but one I like better to sniff in the air or on others. However, this perhaps is because of what you mentioned in your reviews. What I think I'm wearing as osmanthus is perhaps other things and not the true blossom. The essential oil I have is lovely, but it has little staying power when diluted and worn. Mostly I just sniff it from its tiny bottle.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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