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    I always thought I hated tuberose, until I was sent a sample of Diptyques new fragrance Do Son which I sort of loved, but not enough to buy it - their scents just never seem to last on me, and always remind me of their scented candles ( which I love, but I don't necessarily want to smell like my house.)

    Anyway, it did inspire me to investigate tuberose fragrances this weekend. I still find Fracas and L'Artisan's Tubereuse too overpowering, but loved Annick Goutal's passion and Miller-Harris's Noix de Tubereuse. These are two tuberose scents perfect for tuberose haters ( or people like myself who thought they hated tuberose.) Basically, I wondered if any basenoter's out there had any opinions, particularly as to durability. I'd appreciate any comments.

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    You need to try Michael by Michael Kors for women, it's sensational.
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    I think you should try Laura Tonatto's Osa. I don't like tuberose and I did like this one. It's loghter and fresher, not so heady.

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    Where can you buy Laura Tonatto fragrances?

    Annickaddict, you have tried L'artisan Papillons haven't you? That's a beautiful jasmine/tuberose.

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    I usually can't stand tuberose but I love AG Passion! :-*

    I would recommend SL Datura Noir and Etro Magot.
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    Thanks for your suggestions! I'm off on a sniffing mission tomorrow. I'll probably go for AG's passion - on the grounds that I love AG scents in general. They've just got a depth that no one else comes near, for me. I've never tried Passion though, because I've always thought I hated tuberose.

    I don't know if I can get Laura Tonnato fragrances here in the Uk. I'll certainly try Papillons though - although I always find Artisan's female fragrances quite light - I love their Voleur de Roses on my husband though!

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    Barneys has started selling the Laura Tonatto line now.
    You can also find it online at The Perfume Shoppe in Vancouver.

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