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    Default Ashanti launches first fragrance at Wal-Mart

    US R&B star Ashanti has launched her first fragrance, Precious Jewel, through a 60-day exclusive at US mass retailer Wal-Mart. The fragrance is manufactured by US contract manufacturer Cosmetic Essence Inc for Bravado International, the firm handling the starís merchandising. The launch is supported by appearances by the star at various key Wal-Mart stores.

    After the Wal-Mart exclusivity ends, the fragrance will hit other US doors such as Rite Aid drugstores and Kroger grocery chain, says Bravado director of licensing Ian White, adding that international distribution is a longer-term goal. The Ashanti brand has already been exported to France, where the singer launched an apparel line with younger fashion chain Pimkie in September.

    Sales expectations for the fragrance are $30m for the first year in North America.

    The EdT opens with bergamot, marigold buds, apple, peach, plum and raspberry, while the heart notes include jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose and orchid. The scent base is a blend of sandalwood, musk and oak moss. The juice retails for $15 (15ml), $22.50 (30ml) and $28.50 (50ml) and is flanked by a fragrance mist at $12 (170ml) and a fragrance shimmer stick $12.00 (10ml). White expects to develop the line further to include bath and body products.

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    Sounds like a chypre, no? Floral chypre maybe -- bergamot, floral heart, oakmoss. I could swear that I saw a black and silver (or white) box at a perfume kiosk in the mall yesterday and on this box was the word "Ashanti". It didn't look at all like the photo in the link. But... I was also at Wal*Mart yesterday so maybe I have the name "Ashanti" and some other fragrance confused with each other. :-/

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    Default Re: Ashanti launches first fragrance at Wal-Mart


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