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    Default need recommendations for a gift!

    for my sister's birthday, i wanted to get her a new scent, preferably something not every housewife in her subdivision who all shop the same store at the same mall will have. she likes Pleasures and hates Happy... she said something not too sweet and maybe a little heavier for winter.

    any suggestions? isn't there a search somewhere that says, "If you like Pleasures, try..."?



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    Default Re: need recommendations for a gift!

    Hi Ap and welcome to the Basenotes!

    I will try to help, but it is not a very easy task as possibilities are limitless. Also, the amount of money you have and the age of the sister may be a decisive factor as well. Pleasures was my wedding day fragrance, so I used to like it a lot too.

    There is a search engine, will call it Michael Edwards website:

    Another option would be to look right here in the Basenotes directory: type in Pleasures, see the notes, and then try typing the notes in the search box again specifying that you are looking for a feminine fragrance. See what you can come up with.

    A couple of more points to ponder.

    -- Selecting a fragrance is a very personal business, so what the sites say is not always accurate, i.e. there might be a note or a combination of notes that just do not "sit" right on her.

    -- Since she likes Pleasures so much, try the whole Pleasures extended family: Pleasures Exotic, Pleasures Intense, Pleasures in the Garden. Until you absolutely know her favorite, I would not suggest your investing into the big size bottle, try minis first. You can package them in a pretty way for presentation, and she is set for another year, to make her educated decision for her next birthday.

    -- Depending on the time when you need it, you can either order fragrances online, or buy them retail, with the latter being often times more expensive. Also, buying in the mall may result in "housewife" syndrome you have described. Ordering them online might take them up to 6 weeks to be delivered, so think about this too.

    Good luck and please let us know what you have decided on.

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    Default Re: need recommendations for a gift!

    I say Anne Pliska. It's my favorite and most women like it. More posatives than negatives anyway. And not common.

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