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    Default Jil Sander no 4 for LoneFish

    Jil Sander No 4 is one of the most unusual fragrances I feel I own. *It has such a range of moods and
    while I don't wear it all the time I've worn it successfully in every season feeling that it's probably best
    in autumn and winter. *It's also lovely on a rainy day when the humidity accentuates the "bloom" of the
    floral heart. *I think of it as a very bold, strong fragrance. *The EdP and parfum are similar enough with
    the parfum being richer and closer to the body. *Just a few drops is really all you need. *I find it
    romantic and elegant and plenty bewitching.

    I've seen it classed as a Floral Fruity and it does have fruit in the top notes, however, it's not the
    watery-light fruit of summer-time but the fruit of mulled ciders, red wines, peach cobblers and plumy
    puddings. As it moves into the heart it gets a bit brighter and begins to show its floralcy. *Indeed, it is
    a riot of flowers with violet, rose, tuberose, jasmine, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, carnation, and orange
    blossom. *On me I tend to notice the orange blossom and jasmine, yet the overall effect is more like
    sitting in a temperate climate garden on a languidly humid evening. *The notes are clear with not a hint
    of muting or powder and they pop out at you like jewel-toned roses against a dark, leafy backdrop. *
    Then, No 4 softens and starts to darken. *The moss begins to come out against the sandalwood. *It
    gets drier, less flamboyantly floral and the spice of the carnation and pimento begin their exotic dance.
    Into the finale, the roses, jasmine and other flowers move to the background and settle into the skin,
    leaving a flowered base for the rest of the elegant dryout. *

    You have to be a floral lover to truly appreciate this one. *It also doesn't hurt to have a bit of an open
    mind as this one has been described as "avant-garde." *While I'm not sure I'd go that far I feel it
    pushes the nose a bit and creates a very dramatic entrance.

    Notes I have for it:

    Top Notes: Light rose, geranium, peach, plum, galbanum. Heart Notes: Violets, jasmine, rose,
    tuberose, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, carnation, tarragon, myrrh, pimento. Base Notes: Grey ambergris,
    moss, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, musk.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: Jil Sander no 4 for LoneFish

    I love this one. Oddly, I am NOT a floral lover, but am enamoured with this one. Very unique and multi-faceted.

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    Default Re: Jil Sander no 4 for LoneFish

    Very interesting! I must admit I have a weak spot for floral fruity scents anyways, especially the deeper fruits, and hmm wouldn't you know, languid summer evenings are my favorite thing in the world . . . In what way is this avant-garde? is this a "minimalist" scent to match Jil Sander's minimalist clothing? Hmm, whatever the case I am intrigued, because I am always looking for something that smells a little "off", or unexpected. From the description it doesn't sound minimalist per se, but you never know. Great description, unfortunately now I feel like I have to go to TJ Maxx right now and buy it Hopefully it will still be there after October 15 But would you recommend getting a parfum instead of an edp?

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    Default Re: Jil Sander no 4 for LoneFish

    Nice review, Artisankey! Thank you so very much. #4 is one of my favorites too, very distinct and ever-changing. I would say "rich" too! Thanks again and keep them coming!
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