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    I have to share my experiences with testing Caron's Or et Noir. I obtained a small sample and first time I applied it and didn't like it because it seemed rather old unfashionable soapy profound rose. After a few hours I am astonished with wonderfull vanilley nice roses that filled all the space around me and I cannot concentrate but am inhaling it constantly. What a wonderful transformation . Does anyone of you know this scent? It was created in 1949 but is still appealing!

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    Yes, I have tried this one and had high hopes for it. Caron isn't really my house though (at least yet- I know things can and do change) and Or et Noir is no exception. What I did enjoy about it was its nostalgia and dark, almost dense, rose notes. It conjures the color of hazy, greyed, deep midnight blue- romantic in a sad, full-of-longing way. In the final dryout it takes on a bitter note on my skin though, so the effect is ruined. Happy to hear you are able to enjoy it though...
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Or et Noir beautiful rich morish rose. I always compare it to Turkish Delight,yes I love Turkish Delight!!!

    I have the Caron Rose which is more vanilla musk rose.

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    Oh forgot to mention. Parfum Sacre is based on Or et Noir.

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