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    Does anybody know this oriental exclusive line - one of the most expensive ones? They are going to send free samples to me and I am impatient to test them.

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    I want to know about this too! I've heard it referred to. It must be something LadyL and I have to try. Let me hear from you all that have tried it. What's the shoutin about? [smiley=vrolijk_26.gif]

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    Default Re: Amouage I looked it up. When I go up to the Four Seasons....I'll check this out but there's no way it's that great! Have you checked the prices? I think I've seen these perfumes in some perfume shoppe.

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    the price is about 400 dollars per 50 ml bottle. Horrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glorious1
    It must be something LadyL and I have to try.
    Actually, I have samples of Dia and Gold, and I've sampled both of them. Can't remember one single thing about either of them. [smiley=embarassed.gif] [smiley=shocked.gif] You would think I would remember something about one or the other, wouldn't you?

    Alicka, the new Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise 1-ounce parfum is $350. Can you believe that? [smiley=rolleyes.gif]

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    First, to clear up the price:

    No no no, it's not that bad. I mean it's expensive, to be sure, but not that expensive.

    The Amouage website sells the Gold and Dia 50 ml Edt's, which is honestly stronger than most EdP's and even some parfum extraits, for 192 euros, which translates to about $237 US at the current exchange rates. The gold is also available in perfume, which I'm pretty sure means parfum extrait but could also mean EdP (it says perfume though), for 285 euros or $348 US. They frequently have specials, in which you can buy a 50 ml EdT bottle of the scent in question and get a free 10 ml purse spray for free (they sell them seperately for 57 euros, or $70.

    However, you can also get it from for an astounding $165! I thought it was too good to be true, but I emailed them and explained that they can sell it at this price because they can simply walk across the street to buy it straight from the source on command! No warehouse, no taxes, no markups from Amouage. They seem very legitimate, and I actually plan on ordering my first bottle from them soon. Shipping's a tad more expensive, but hey, they're sending it to you from Oman! And you can bet this is the best way to get the freshest possible juice...even from the Amouage website it's probably been sitting in a US or UK warehouse for a while. sells them at a fairly significant markup.

    And now about the fragrances themselves:

    I cannot even begin to say enough about Amouage Gold for Women! It is my ultimate holy grail. Sensual, heady, and ridiculously opulent, nothing says luxury and style like Amouage Gold. Staggering longevity, exquisite sillage, and oh so perfect. I tend to see perfumes in terms of outfits, accessories and all, and Amouage Gold is my little black dress with diamonds dripping from my ears. Or maybe a long, elegant red satin ballgown that whispers as I walk. Still with diamonds, though.

    Dia is also very nice, but not as nice in my mind as Gold. To my nose, it smells like a muted version of Gold with a good dose of lovely rose mixed in. More suited for the day, I suppose, which is honestly the only reason I might wear it instead of Gold, but still fairly heavy.

    These two are the star of the line, methinks. The rest are nice, but too average. Ciel is your typical fresh light floral, which is well done but in my mind just as good if not better can be had for a much more comfortable price. Ciel also has an oddly artificial/chemical air note that I find totally discordant with the Amouage theme. Eau de Amouage and Espirit de Amouge are both also nice, but not unique enough to justify the price.

    Gold and Dia are both amazing fragrances. Some might find them a little too powdery, but I think that they're just perfectly balanced from top to bottom. Their complexity and sensual opulence astound and delight me at every turn.

    Be excited. Be very very excited.


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    OH GOD HELP US ALL! [smiley=evil.gif]

    Did you hear that? *MY OH MY! *Just when I said I never needed another bottle of perfume! *Somebody tie me up! [smiley=cry.gif]

    I gotta still sounds damn pricey to me! *But.....but......well.......geesh... [smiley=shocked.gif]

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    I bought samples from them almost a year ago. They came nicely packaged in a satin-lined, padded box. There are eight 2ml sprays, 4 men's and 4 ladies', and they added a carded sample of Esprit d'Amouage. They are all lovely but I never felt compelled to buy a full bottle. For me, Esprit is probably the easiest to wear; it's a nice scent for a spring day. A friend gave me more samples of Esprit and I haven't used them up yet. I put the box of sprays aside and forgot about it until recently. I'll probably use most of the sprays as extras in swaps.
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    I definitely recommend you sample, glo. It's precious, but it's a pretty expensive leap to make blind. Some people just don't love it the way I do, although I can't imagine why. The samples from amouage are nice, very cutely packaged, but will cost you some. You can email amouage directly and they'll send you some samples, although they're the less nice carded type. You can also order them from lusciouscargo, especially if you have a few other samples to order as well.

    I just realized that I didn't talk about what Gold SMELLS like at all, as opposed to what it FEELS like or how it makes me feel. So I'm going to cut and paste a review I wrote for it for basenotes. The review hasn't been posted yet, since it is part of the contest, so I'm pasting it here instead of sending you to it directly. It's a little long though

    My love, my love, my one and only. Never again shall I stray! I shall henceforth spurn the company of others, so that I might spend my days in adulatory contemplation of your magnificent splendor!

    Umm...or maybe not. But close. Very, very close. This is the one scent that sometimes makes me wonder why I would ever buy anything else. To be honest, Amouage Gold is what brought me into a whole new level of fragrance appreciation. I first fell in love with the women's Gold, and then, in rapid order, the men's. After joining basenotes I thought that perhaps it was just my first foray into true quality and niche fragrances, and that after sampling other high quality fragrances I would find it less attractive. But no. I have sampled far and wide, and found many other lovely and well crafted fragrances, but none have surpassed Amouage Gold's splendor. Amouage Gold for women still is, and will probably always be, my holy grail.

    Amouage Gold for women begins with lovely, intoxicating, and decadent jasmine and orris. Rock rose blends in lightly, lending a slight balsamic tone. Precious silver frankincense, prized since biblical times, brings an air of mystery and awe. Civet and musk reveal themselves slowly, growing increasingly powerful as this complex fragrance develops. Heady, rich, complex, and opulent, there is no fragrance as sensual as Amouage Gold.

    When it comes to sillage and longevity, you cannot ask for a better scent than this. Lasts all day, and often well into the next, even on the skin, and you're going to have to wash it out of clothes! The absolutely incredible silage will turn heads in wonder.

    Sample first, due to the somewhat exorbitant price, but I swear to you it is worth every last penny!

    ~Silk and Steel

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    Lovely review, Silk! I'll have to get my samples out. I did write a review of Dia some time ago (another place, another time) but can't seem to find it in my files and, as I said earlier, have no memory of it now. I look forward to a re-sampling of both Dia and Gold. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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